Jumaat, 30 Julai 2010


I was a little late than usual this morning.. woke up late.. maybe me and papa was so tired after cleaning our house before maklang n makcu coming tomorrow morning.. take the morning bus after sending aidan to kak yang's house.

while sitting in the bus, I saw few elders getting in and out of the bus, there was one man who somehow reminded me of arwah tok hamid..

my beloved tok hamid passed away a year after arwah emak.. he was 84.. and for goodness sake, he was still healthy when he passed away. He was in his sleep at ude's house after the first sahur for the first day of ramadhan of that year.. 2006

I still remember him.. remembered how he used to read his morning paper.. not just in the morning actually.. he'll read it until noon.. he read everything in the news ok.. which then reminded me of how he mentioned of 'oh, cucu tok tak boleh jadi wartawan la gitu' when I received my UPSR result.. I didn't get an A for my writing.. huhuhu.. so sorry tok..

I still remember cutting his toe nails (yep, that's my job) during his final years.. he'll sit at his 'kerusi malas' while me squatting down to clip his toe nail.. Nowadays it's my husband's and my kiddo's turn for me to do the same.. yes, I cut everyone's nail.. and I enjoyed it as my bonding time too.. that includes ear cleaning.. hahahhaa..

I still remember how tok hamid will say 'UH' when we comment on his behaviour or did something that he find it bothersome..

I still remember how he used to dressed.. with nice iron-shirt, clad in his pants.. hair with full of white brylcream - pergh, I can even smell it while writing this.. and his well-polish shoes..

He, as I remembered, a great teacher(well tok, I follow you that step).. was a very bad and heavy smoker - even nana can't asked him to quit - he'll say something like 'umur tok panjang sebab rokok ler' HAHAHA, very strong-headed (keraih kepala -same like my sister) and never ever trust a bank - especially when it's pay time..

I still remember listening Ahmad Jais songs and Radio Klasik while lying on my mattress outside his room in kampung.. I still remember how he used to backed my sister (owh, he really adores nana ok.. really!) when we had out catfight.. he even asked nana to call me 'kucing kurus' when I enjoyed 'ejek' nana with names like gumuk and whatsoever.. haha.. sorry nana.. but still, tok will never scold nana, will always love nana.. somehow I always thought nana is quite a resemblance of him.. We had pictures of him with nana sitting on his lap.. no one (YEP, NO ONE) EVER sit on his lap except nana.. huhuhu.. but still I know, he loves all of us..

To tok, al-fatihah.. you will still be remembered by us.. insyaAllah..

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