Khamis, 24 Mei 2012


* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

oh my! rasanya ini la paling lama mama tinggalkan blog.. almost a month yo!

so apa mama buat between this month? banyak benda.. including finishing 3 books! yes, you heard me right.. ni semua penangan Christian Grey.. aaaa.. melayang2 lagi..

semua BEST!

owh please don't tell me you guys haven't heard about the book? oh by the way, let me warn you.. this book is not suitable for young girls, adolescent, even better if you are not married yet better not read the book.. kang jgn salahkan mama ok hahahahaha

this book is about a relationship between a 21-year old girl with a mysterious billionaire with a very dark past and dark secret.. what secret? read it yourself. tak boleh spoil.. as for mama, i'm glad to read this book with my lovely friends (we set up a book club) and currently we are still discussing who should play Mr Grey himself ..


Ian Somerhalder
meleleh ayaq lioq (tadah ngan baldi)

or Chris Hemsworth

hyperventilate.. hnnss hnns hnns

or Matt Bomer (tapi dia gay.. huwaaaaaaaa)

berbelah bagi kami dok gaduh2 dalam club hahahaha

as for Anastasia Steele, we unanimously chose..

Ms Leighton Meester -- case close.. don't argue with us.. it's been few weeks ok kami dok cari watak sesuai..
sesuai banget!

ok, now continue dreaming hahahaha

till then, LATERS, BABY