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Please don't let me start describing myself.. First and foremost, I'm totally daddy's girl, always trying to look after everyone who I know. The queen of my house.. always hubby's dream lady and fabulous mummy to my two lovely boys.

I am never tired of trying something new.. I always believe to work whatever we plan and not vice versa. Never think any mountain is too high nor valley too low..

I am totally obsessed with breastfeeding nowadays, textbooks never bore me and love to read chic lit during free time. Avid traveler and never stop dreaming of buying something good for myself.

My family and I are currently residing at Kyoto, Japan. My entries nowadays related to our daily lives, my headaches on studies and my not-so-important views on the world around me. Other than being a student at Kyoto University, I am also a lecturer at a local university in Malaysia.. working-studying-travelling-motherhood.. fuh, that are just few things to add to my life resume.. :P

In case you need free consultation or just needed a new friend, try me at masturaazmi[at]gmail[dot]com