Selasa, 23 April 2013

hokkaido trip winter april 2013 -- otaru orgel museum

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

Earlier this month my parents came to Japan. We really had good time and we managed to go to Hokkaido this time! It was really a fun trip and actually was not planned earlier. There's so much to tell about the places that we went but I will start with this place first.

We went to Otaru on the second day of our trip. Otaru is located about 45 minutes (by train) away from Sapporo. Most buildings in Otaru are built by the westerners and were influenced by them. So we can see a lot of design similar to western buildings. In Otaru, we had the chance to went to Orgel Museum. Orgel or Music Box as an easy term to say is famous here in Otaru.

The music box are made locally and it is so interesting to see the mechanical works in the music box. Of course handcrafted music box are expensive, but there are some not so expensive items that can be brought as souvenir. The museum is free and open from 9:00am-6:00pm on weekdays and 9:00-7:00pm on weekends.

I did a keek video for you to enjoy my orgel. Guess the song! ;)

So here are the pictures.

hokkaido trip
the clan

hokkaido trip
dont mind me.. too concentrate hehe

hokkaido trip
inside the museum

hokkaido trip
you can choose the songs that you like

hokkaido trip
the layout

hokkaido trip
bird's view

hokkaido trip
some of the expensive music box! gulp

hokkaido trip
gulp again!

hokkaido trip

hokkaido trip
maybe if we listen to this a lot we can imagine we're in venice hahaha

hokkaido trip
parts inside a music box.. mind the photog behind haha

Khamis, 18 April 2013


One of my friends reveal her workout playlist.. And suddenly I realized I have too many songs.. Hahaha

Nevermind about that

Here is my workout or running songs playlist that usually accompany me :) some are fast beat and some are a bit motivational. Sometimes I just use shuffle to avoid bore..

Share what yours too.. Maybe we can exchange ideas for our playlists

Rabu, 10 April 2013

want to or don't want to?

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

sometimes good genes are not enough, must work harder to get best result..

want to be smart? learn more
want to be fit? exercise more
want to be pretty? take all the supplements and drink lots of water :P maybe a visit or two to some good doctor (heh)
want to be rich? work harder and smarter, take all opportunities
want to be pious? pray more, be humble
want to be wiser? meet more people, go to lots of places (not for shopping)
want to be tested? be a mom! hahahahaha

life is not easy, true.. but blaming genes or something else just because you don't want to work for it is totally wrong

I'm currently in the midst of too many datelines.. will update all the recent trips we had (yeah! trips hahaha)