Rabu, 20 April 2011

progressing well

* السلام عليکم *

こんにちは q(^_~)p

so far the kids have been doing really2 well.. despite tantrums here and there, they really tried their best to grow up in Japan.. it is difficult for them, i'm sure.. since they had to adapt not only to the surroundings but also new friends who only speaks japanese, teachers, the culture and lots more.. note to me: harus lebih banyak bersyukur..

I have notice that lately Aiman has turn out to be quite an 'abang' to his brother.. he shares his toys (sometimes - biasa la kan.. favourite toy will still be his), eat well, and say sorry if he is wrong (really a gentleman!) and the best thing that I knew so far, he already say bismillah before eating.. usually we quarrel when he only say his japanese pray (いっただきます) eventhough it's meaning is also thankyou for the 'rezeki'.. alhamdulillah.. syukur..

but another thing that I find quite interesting was that he already started negotiating with us! yikes! he negotiates when he's supposed to bath, eat and also his pants! he really loves wearing jeans instead of his boring jogging-type pants.. he knew, if we asked him to wear jeans, that means - either it's weekend or holiday, so he can go jalan2 with us.. hehe

the brothers

adik too is learning.. not just the peace-sign, but also he knew how to answer if he needs something.. before this, he usually cries n cries.. but nowadays, if I ask if he wanted milk, he will either nod or stop crying! immediately!! hehehe.. he loves to play with his abang.. always wants us to be 4 at a time! even cannot let mama n papa sneak out hiding for a smooch!! he seems like having six sense where we hide! ahahahha..

he walks very fast and it's always lightens me up when seeing how he takes his small steps.. he's a big boy now.. i want to note here that he still breastfed! especially at nights.. he loves snuggle under my ketiak and love cuddles! talk about pencinta wanita konon!

to my kids, i wish you guys will turn out to be a true muslim gentlemen.. not just muslim per say.. but be a gentlemen.. so that you will be respected and appreciated by others.. amin!

train lovers.. hehe

of course not forgetting mama!!

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lia berkata...

aiman da nmpk betul2 mcm anak jepun... pakaian, rambut & mata....

mama glam berkata...

comel betul gambar yang 1st tu!

ha ah la mas.. dah dok jepun ni, kome2 anak beranak pun dah rupa ala-ala jepang... lagi 1-2 tahun bila ko dah terror giler cakap jepun, boleh ko balik mesia berlakon kunun2nya ko ni orang jepun... confirm org2 mesia tertipu seh!

Azhariah Zuber berkata...

mast aidan mahal tang mata...besar bulat2...mcm nak gigit mata dia...mcm doll pun ada

mast@work berkata...

lia, aweng,

ini bukan jepun, tapi baka jawa terlebih.. hahahhaa.. berlakon jd org jepun.. puuuiiihhh (bak kata jebat) heehehhe


bulat bukan sebarang bulat.. hahahahha