Selasa, 5 April 2011

Kyoto City Zoo

السلام عليکم

after the dentist visit, we went to Kyoto City Zoo.. it was such a lovely day.. the kids had so much fun that day.. and thanks to kak su n family who let us to rode together in their car..

just let you guys enjoy the pictures..

entrance - ticket bought through vending machine

the souvenir shop

birds and ducks

the cute bear

kirin - the giraffe

asking papa to let him play

the chimps

the monkey in the cage answers quiz and get some treat

lonely zou-san

aidan gave carrots to shima-uma


penguins - hey, the put them outdoor!

maybe we shall go there some other time.. the upcoming opening of the petting zoo is something we don't want to miss

 ماما أيمان

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