Sabtu, 6 November 2010

whining am not

today we just lazed around with kak yang's family.. went to Qanat (a shopping mall nearby) and bought ourselves winter clothes.. before that we went to a second hand shop to buy a gas heater.. we already have the electric heater and a carpet heater.. but somehow it wasn't enough to warm us during nights.. especially when the kids are asleep and both of us want to stay up late.. it's damn freezing y'all.. and it hasn't winter yet.. yikess!! whoever said living abroad is nice should really think again!!

I would like to announce here that I am still yet to find a good pair of boots to wear during the upcoming winter (during peak of the season, one boot cost me almost RM1000- mati!!).. my toes are freezes everytime I cycle Aidan to the kindy. Living in Japan is definitely expensive.. we have to really count each cents that we spend. This really makes me feel grateful that born, raised, educated in Malaysia definitely has given me a chance to secure a good life.. japanese are really an expensive nation.. but yet, they really enjoy their live.. which is good for them, but really sucks for us students.. we have to close one eye everytime we want to buy things.. even groceries.. imagine each basket (not trolley ok!) costs us around 3000yen - around RM120!!! not to mention our house rent is around 80,000yen (RM2400 more or less) and it is only 40m2!!! even a low cost house in Malaysia is bigger than our place!!

but, eventhough life here is tough, I'm not going to complain.. I will try not to complain.. afterall, being here is just part of my life.. we're destined to be here, at least for the next 3 years.. I might not know what will happen later.. what lies ahead.. let just pray that everything will go well.. not everyone had this kind of oppurtunity.. we just need to make the best out of it..

this life is too short just to whine here and there... 

I would not imagine myself wearing a RM10 second hand jacket if I were still in Malaysia!!

self reminder - banyakkan bersyukur.. ingat rezeki tu hak Allah.. bukan hak kita..

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Oyis berkata...

totally understand what it feels like, sistah! *hugs*

MyBotanG berkata...

learn to count your blessings Mas.. if life gives us lemon, lets try to make a lemon meringue pie out of it.. hehehe :D

Having been leaving away from the comfort and luxuries of Msia, I've learnt to appreciate the simplicity and joy of Japanese living.. the trick is, CONTROL and MANAGE your NAFSU.. cekik your WANTS and live on NEED basis.. you will be happier.. trust me

inah jeliterrr berkata...

mast, aku suka statement ko "rezeki hak Allah swt bkn hak kita.."

mast@work berkata...

oyis, tq bebeh.. ku ada utang denganmu.. brg mu tidak dapat dipos2 lagi.. ape la nak jadi ngan aku.. huhuhu

kak su, yep.. betul2.. lagipun bab menahan nafsu tu yang paling BESAR godaan nya kat sini

inah, kena selalu ingat tau tu.. hihihi