Ahad, 7 November 2010

movie night

we watch a good movie last night.. I think this might be one of the best comic-turn-movie that we had watched.. another one that I think good enough to mentioned was V for Vandetta.. watched it few times..

go ahead and watch this..

this was googled by the way

I ate my second pack of Tim Tam while watching this!! damn you Tim Tam!!

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Oyis berkata...

i plak tgh ready2 nak tgk the social network nih hihih... maybe lps tu sambung red kot, melampau betul :P

mast@work berkata...

oyis, nanti nak download gak social network tu.. thihihi.. takde maknanya pi tgk wayang kat luar.. sini semua depa p dub ckp jepun.. akakaka