Ahad, 27 Mac 2011


السلام عليکم

what a week!! macam roller coaster.. ahahahha.. wancu, you know what i mean..

having my sister here is very comforting.. having a shoulder to rest onto.. having extra hands to keep my sanity with the kids.. aaaa.. lega betul..

somehow knowing that she's returning to malaysia this tuesday really made me sad.. i just wish this episode of Phd will finish soon.. tiring.. i know.. whining will not do anything.. but having close relative especially here near me really made me wanted to go back home ASAP!!!

acu, please come back soon.. we'll terribly miss you..

alaaaaa.... tak best nya..

doa acu cepat2 dapat duit lebih boleh mai sini.. doa masa berjalan lambat untuk 2 hari berikutnya.. tapi dalam masa yang sama doa november datang cepat.. so that I can meet my babah n makcik.. yeaaayyy!!

entry jalan2 esok ek..


ماما أيمان

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