Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

My Kyoto Farewell Party, Class of 2011

السلام عليکم

Party semalam yang mama pergi tu meraikan student2 mesia yang grad bulan ni.. Alhamdulillah, there are 19 students (Bachelor to PhD) graduating this Mac.. Some of them are from Shiga Prefecture.. Mostly Bachelor Degree student.. I wish them all the best for their future undertakings..

To kak Nur, Ee, Nesh and Hanin - those who really had helped me and my family to survive in Kyoto, I really appreciate with what you guys have done.. 3 of them speak japan lang. like a true japanese.. my big sister Kak Nur, thank you for all motivational support and guidance.. I will miss you guys dearly.. Hopefully we'll meet again in Malaysia after this..

Let me share some photos taken during the event.. I am glad to have this many in My Kyoto family. In case there are those who will join Malaysia Kyoto Student, do not forget to include us as part of your family here in Kyoto..

Orang Kyoto boleh bake cake sendiri ko.. hehehehhe

Catered foods

My Kyoto peeps

Havoc tu.. penuh bilik

ماما أيمان

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