Isnin, 18 Oktober 2010

thumbs up!

me and hubby just finish watching Julie & Julia.. my oh my, Nora Ephron still hasn't lost her magic touch yet.. I've always love her movies.. sleepless in seattle, you've got mail etc.. and now this one.. a very moving and inspirational one I might say.. made me thinking that I should find some skills that I love to do..

The movie was about 2 true story of 2 women at a different time.. Julia Child, an author of a best-selling cookbook and Julie Powell who was inspired with Julia's cooking and started a blog and challenge herself.. well, enough said.. I recommend you guys to watch the movie, and maybe start your own hobbies which who knows, might give you success in life..

thumbs up to you Nora Ephron, for making this wonderful movie..

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wancuyan berkata...

wancu tengah kemaruk nk tgk vcd, tp budak2 nak pekse, ayahcu dah simpan dlm kotak all the DVD, PC..haha, mak dia pun kene amik pekse gah nih...

mast@work berkata...

wancu, hihihi.. ayahcu simpan ek.. curik2 tengok time malam le gitu.. huhuuhu.. citer ni best..