Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

jiran baru yang bikin gua hangin

baru seminggu lebih kami dapat jiran baru sebelah rumah.. she's staying with her son and a daughter.. no husband since he is staying with the second wife.. well, that's what she told harris.. and the second wife's name is MAST.URA! imagine she told that to my husband on the first day of arrival. chit! so, ok.. that's you're problem.. I THOUGHT!

after few days, we started to feel irritated.. the family keep on calling aiman's name.. by shouting!! and keep complaining aiman didn't answer their calls.. just imagine being shout by someone who he doesn't even know.. both the mother and the daughter have very high 'pitch' and without realizing it.. aiman made his weird face and they said that 'aiman ni tak reti cakap ke?' 'tak ade mulut ke?' eiii!!! hello! a really civilized person don't do comments like that, especially to someone who you barely know. 

other than that, she always giving us leftover foods from a school's dining hall that she claim is operated by her mother.. what tickles me is that she said, instead of throwing it, she should give it to us!! what the hell she was thinking when she said that??? I never thought a person can go that FAR talking without using her BRAIN.. I even thought whether she has one!! takde insurans punya mulut.. macam bagi orang makan sisa je!! imagine getting food leftover everyday!! and even get angry if we return back the plates with another food saying she don't need any of it.. berlagak!

and this afternoon, again, she shouted my name and as usual, I won't go out unless harris is not around.. I don't want to be seen making faces at her.. so, harris went out, saying that we already ate and she insisted on giving us fish curry with fried beehoon because 'sayang kalau buang' cis!! I don't care if you guys think that I am being paranoid, but, all food that she gave to us, I would throw them away, except for one time (the second time she gave us food) that I ate.. other than that, I would discard everything because 1. I don't want to be judge as taking other person (in this case a student at the school) food. 2. I don't know what her intention really is.. whether she just wanted to be nice or maybe she has some black agenda whatsoever..

and another thing, this afternoon, she complaints of not hearing aiman's voice.. sibuk betul!! she said, we should send aiman for treatment!!!!!!!! wtf!!! yang ko sibuk2 kenapa?? aiman can speak.. it just he doesn't speak with those he doesn't know!! BODOH!! toksah bagi cadangan la, gi masjid melaka la pi ambil air, pi berubat n whatsoever.. sibuk jaga tepi kain orang!! mind your own business lady!! can't you understand when I close my door and the curtains that means no interruption?? we do need our own space man!! 

go away you b***h! sorry, no comments allowed! really pissed off!