Rabu, 17 Ogos 2011

nice matcha parfait

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

It's been nice 4 days of leisure and relaxing with my family. Summer holiday is at its peak and most Japanese is having fun time enjoying holiday with their family. Since it's still ramadhan and we are quite tight in budget (read: planning for bigger holiday in Nov) we just stay in Kyoto. In fact this entry was not purposely planned ahead.. It was a last minute plan as Pa'e came to our house for some sewing project. Since she mentioned that it will be nice to have the matcha parfait and ice shave for iftar, both of me and husband agreed to join.. we were also joined by Salleh who came all the way from Katsura..

That Sunday was our second time going to the same shop.. The first time we went there I already fell in love with their sweet selection.. this time around, I still stuck with the same matcha parfait while Aiman n Aidan shared their shaved ice and papa had his own parfait.

The matcha served at this shop is simply satisfying even for those who don't like them.. It is sweet and so soft taste.. I recommended those who come to Kyoto to enjoy having this match parfait as much as we did..

They actually have few shops in Kyoto.. but we went to the same branch at Isetan Kyoto Station. It's located on the 6th floor in the middle of the men's department.

Mind you guys,

Each visit will need at least 1-1 1/2 hour queue.. but it was worth everytime we went there..

this time we were lucky it took us only an hour!

top 2 shelves are parfait, and bottom shelf is shaved ice

having my matcha parfait with Kyoto Tower in background.. NICE!!
nice matcha shaved ice -- pic credit to pa'e

This is their website. Their main shop is at the famous Gion -- I plan to bring babah n makcik there soon.. yummssssss!!!

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haz@ris berkata...

ohh..owhhh.. sungguh sedap la.... sungguh nyaman rasanya....

mast@work berkata...


tu laaa.. bila panas2 makan aiskrim memang nyamaaannn

Nurzairul Isma berkata...

sangat menyelerakan ok...