Isnin, 21 Februari 2011

Kyoto City Hall Flea Market

السلام عليکم

weekend was so-so.. had agreed unanimously with papa on one matter (will blog about it later) but both of us had running nose and was not at the tip of our health.

but still, we managed to go to the flea market on Sunday. the Kyoto city hall flea market is one of the biggest flea market in Kyoto. This flea market with large crowd and you can really get good bargain.. The flea market occurs on every 20th of every month. and thank goodness it fell on Sunday this month and located in front of the Kyoto City Hall Office.

but this time around, we were not actually eyeing for something to buy.. just want to wander around and seeing any good things being sold. the price are dirt cheap if you really good on buying second hand things.

but knowing me, still, we bought some good toys for the kids (they were not even used!) and we only spend around ¥250 - RM10++ for 2 new cars for adik, a car for abang and a colouring book for abang.. how's that?? don't forget to ask for lower price.. usually after 1pm you can get most of the item at ¥10!!!

ok, time to enjoy some pictures..

started the day with popia goreng.. nyum3

one genki boy

nice and shiny day

sellers and buyers

japanese design plates

the city hall building

adik's cars

the not so well couple

ok guys, have good start for the week.. I hope I can get some outcome this week.. gambatte!

ماما أيمان

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ishahannah berkata...

wah! cutenye kete2 tu...agaknye kalau beli utk isha ok ke?ahaks!sah2 budak tu pompuan..nampak nar ibu isha yg teringin..ekeke

NadiahKhair berkata...

oh bestnyeeeee..from the looks of it, kyoto is beautiful city.

mak jeles. :P

bila la gamaknya mau sampei japang?

enjoy ur time there while it last :D

mast@work berkata...

sya, brg untuk girl lagi banyak... sib la kak mas belum ada bb girl.. kalo idak pengsan

nad, cuaca dah mula ok la.. tengahari around 10-11deg.. weh, AA udah ada ke sini.. sila mai.. kami sudi jadi host mu.. :P

NadiahKhair berkata...

AA dah smpi japang keeeeeee?

owh sgt tatau. nanti kot duits dah byk bleh smpi. ko jgn buat2 nak balik msia plak ok? hahhaha

mast@work berkata...

nad, udah sampai dari disember lepas sudah ade.. kalau dapat tiket murah sila mai..

cuma kot ko terkejut tgk rumah tongkang karam ni je le.. ahahahha