Khamis, 14 Julai 2011

30 Days Song Challenge - Day 11

* السلام عليکم * 

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

Day 11: A song that makes you fall asleep

Come anything jazzy, instrumental type of music, I'll surely fall asleep.. actually, let me correct again, I'll sleep with and even without music.. haha.. I still remember how my father describe how easy I can fall asleep -- even on a rock in a sahara you can sleep, kak yong.. HAHAHHA... I think my bestfriends and my husband can double confirm this.. if I were about to sleep come rain or flood, I'll sleep.. hahaha.. but, there's but.. I can't sleep in a class... no matter how bored I am, I can't sleep in a class.. I am a good student, am I? seriously.. the worst I can be in a class is 'terlentok' a little bit then I'll be fresh again until the class finish -- rasa bersalah sangat2!

Last time when I was in school and uni, I was always been laughed because I cannot stay up late. I don't do night study.. I can't think straight actually if I study late -- usually, I only do work when I stay up late.. no study.. nothing can stick into my mind if I study late at night.. 

And I am the type of person who always think, it's better if I sleep rather than do something else.. HAHAHAHA..


this is one of the song that I THINK I will fall asleep when listening to it..


see?? I already sleep! :P

4 ulasan:

yatie chomeyl berkata...

this is my fav song :)

anyway, yati epulak jenis suka tsudy tgh mlm masa semua org ddh tdo so xde gangguan dr segi nak nyembang dgn member2 hehehe tp dah jadi mak ni, jgn harap la nk study tgh mlm...tidorrrr je manjangg kui3x

mast@work berkata...


haha.. kak mas jadi terbalik.. terpaksa aa.. selagi budak2 tak tidur jgn harap boleh study

Ayu Ikhwani berkata...

Mas, akak dok ikut gak Mas nye song challenge ni.. mcm bes jek hehe.. ade yg buat jugak ni kot nnt =p

mast@work berkata...

kak ayu,

hehe.. buat le.. saya ni pun bila takde modal siap le buat entry ni.. hahaha