Isnin, 16 November 2009

what would you do when....

you got the chance to choose your own boss??? well, the department, actually the whole campus is having a kind of secret-but-everyone-knows-it election to choose the head of department (in our case - the dean) and 2 deputy deans. 

sounds fun eh?? but it's only limited to the academician and not the whole campus. The buzz started few weeks ago and for the next two days (today and tomorrow) more buzzing would be heard around the school. Since this will be the first time such thing happen, very limited regulations were imposed.

Most academician does not stay long enough (like me) in the office. So for our department, we started to cast our vote last friday (I am one of the lucky ones since I will be on long holiday and papa is on some working assignment this week).

So, wonder how we choose our HOD? Funny thing is, there are people who started to call us and asking for us not to vote for him! hahahaha.. a totally different way of looking into election especially if things like this happen to our politician. kelakar dapat call malam jumaat minta tolong jangan choose saya sebab nanti saya tidak bebas. YEP! that's the thing.. most academician - I believe majority of us, love the idea of having our own of liberty in working time as well as flexibility of not having to come from 9 to 5 everyday (well, please do not assume that we don't work our butts off ok!) so, once you are appointed into certain designation or post (which most probably you didn't choose it but elected to) you might not be able to savour freedom anymore.. and that SUCKS big time!

Since last week, we have started to buzz all around the school asking who should be in the top 3 posts in the department.. the criteria includes easy to communicate with, efficient, workaholic (owh, this one really suits academician), good networking with the higher officials in the uni (especially in getting grants and lubang2 duit here and there) and also able to listen ti what the staff needs, not his own personal needs. One should also does not have hidden agenda for his own self but to always think about others especially those in the administration and also the technical staff.

Imagine getting someone who is in certain 'group' or 'clan' and only listen and helps those who favour him and put those who doesn't aside. Jangan main2 ooo. This thing really happen to other department. Pity to the staff who has been cast aside for not being into the boss group. Seriously, in our department, we try to eliminate those kind of behaviour and most of the senior staff reckon this problem by seeing into other departments problem as a big no-no in our school. For 20 years, we have been a really big family with big brothers and sisters looking after younger and junior staff. I really love the department for this. Imagine having most of your senior (whose age are more or less like your own parents) helping you to cope with the workload and even being a good listener if you have problems.

For me (I think papa too), we choose HOD based on the criteria I mentioned above and I believe that the deputy deans are also chosen based on that criteria too. Hopefully everything goes well. Gossips are always there and as usual I'm going to be the mamarazzi (haha, I'll call both my big sisters for more info) until tomorrow. 

For those whose name is going to be presented to the VC, all the best to you. 

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alfa juliet berkata...

bestnya kalau leh pilih bos sendirik

mast@work berkata...

aza, memang best.. itu yang ditunggu bebenar tu.. hehehe *gelak jahat