Isnin, 9 November 2009


well, I don't want to complaint more on last week's problem.. at least for now.. hehe.. let us start this week with fresh new thing.. this entry is really all about blog followers.. my question is, do you know each one of them? Mine, some I do, but mostly I don't personally know them.. I really tried to stop-by at most of their (my followers) blogs and tried to be their follower as well.. that doesn't include silent follower whatsoever.. hopefully to those who daily (ada ke?) following my blog, please click on the follower icon so that I can follow yours too..

on the other hand, last week (I think it was either on Friday or Saturday) I had a new follower.. and to my surprise, it was my ex-boss.. hahaha.. he used to be my ex-boss and he was one of the panel during my interview as a tutor (if I'm not mistaken.. seriously, who can remember the panel when all you can do was sweating like a pig?? haha) he was my boss for more than 2 years before he joined another uni as a professor and dean of engineering faculty.. (jangan tak tahu.. boss I celik2 IT gitu.. haha, sorry prof.. joking..) Anyway, to prof, thank you for being my blog follower.. I know yours is wayyyyyyyy better than mine.. being a prof, who can deny your level of intelligence.. mine is merely a youngster who keep talking about craps and rubbish all the time.. hahahaha..

to those who wants to follow his blog, you should try your luck finding him under my follower section (I won't reveal his blog add here.. that would be too obvious) he's anecdotes are mostly about his area of expertise as well as his daily thoughts..

1. to kak ayu, better watch our back.. who knows someday your sv might be reading your blog too.. eh, prof tu your sv ke?? hahahahahhahaha... *rotfl

2. have to carefully blogging later on.. have to be more anon on subjects..

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alfa juliet berkata...

memang kena berhati2 sbb takut terkutuk boss..hehehe

Yen berkata...

mas...aku ni nk kt hard core follower idak la tp rajin gak bc n3 nko....nk tau pasal perkembangan terkini kengkawan...

zailamohamad berkata...

Mas, Zaila jarang nak jadi follower2 ni tapi kalau blog list yang ada kt dalam blog Zaila memang Zaila slalu baca;)