Khamis, 20 Mei 2010

owh no..

we learn about money handling in a very hard way today.. for 6 hours we were driving all over KL to get some yen and found out that since it is not common to change a large amount of yen in KL.. we went from Muti.ara Daman.sara (I even bumped into Jua while brisk walk in Ikano trying to find a money changer) to Jalan Mas.jid In.dia until pavi and so on..

we changed the money here and there and still not enough notes that we get.. on another note, now we know that a traveller's cheque only can be made for 'most common' currencies such as pound, euro and usd notes.. no yen afterall.. and we learnt about that after we came out from the bank!! and it's almost 4pm!! aiyo!!!

so, until now, we still haven't figure out what to do with the money that we intended to bring to Kyoto.. and we only left with 24hours before check-in!!!! AAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH...


tension mode on!

and we still yet to pack our foods tonight and tomorrow morning!


die man!

4 ulasan:

Fid berkata...

tukar kat KLIA la money changer sana 24 jam dan wang bnyk hahahaa

FAM berkata...

aah..KLIA. wah..dah nak pi! syok nye. semoga semua smooth sailing ;)

yatie chomeyl berkata...

tp klu tukar kat KLIA, rate dia rendah..satgi dpt sikit ja duit yen. ken agigih cari money changer around KL tu...tukar kat byk2 tempat..baru untung hehe

Fid berkata...

kakak kaya maaa
kat pkns shah alam rate rendah mai la