Isnin, 22 Mac 2010

I Heart Sloggi!

Being a mother of two, it is always being a priority for me to think about my sons’ future. The world has been very generous not just to me but to every living creatures in it. We live in a world where each and every part of it is so wonderful that it always make us more and more thankful to God day by day. The easiest way to really appreciate the world will always be by travelling. I really wish that the world beauty will be preserved in the future so not just me who will appreciate its beauty but for the next generation too.

hope you guys will love the world and rejoice it too.. like me!

Packing good clothes during travelling will always be a priority for an avid traveler. Long or short journey travelling needs more than just having good clothes that not only protect our body against weather but also for comfort.

Sloggi has always been the best lingerie that I used during travelling. The softness and comfort is the best and unbeatable by any other brands. Even the colours are nice too and can be match with outfits. I have been using sloggi for quite sometimes and am really satisfied with its value-for-money quality. Not only that, it’s easy to wash materials are really easy-peasy-piece-of-cake when washing it in the hotels. Easy to clean and fast dry are always an additional bonus for me.

With its new Love World Love Sloggi new eco-friendly range, surely Sloggi would not compromise its quality even if it is made from recyclable materials. Hope that not only my love to the world continues but to Sloggi’s as well. Cheers!

4 ulasan:

_mmm_ berkata...

kalau ade "be" verb lepas tu mesti past tense. so "be matched" bukan "be match"

mast@work berkata...

tq cikgu

dee@dira berkata...

weh nak masuk any sloggi campaign ker ni.. leh anta gi sloggi ni.. hehehehhe

mast@work berkata...

dira, entry ni kira masuk la.. masuk ikut nuffnang.. nanti leh dapat spendar free.. ahahahah