Isnin, 14 Julai 2008

a very 'santai' weekend

alhamdulillah.. last 2 days was quite relaxing for the three of us.. we did our weekly shopping last friday night.. i brought myself new mixer and papa bouhgt me a new oven.. yeay!! i was supposed to bake something last 2 days, but it seems quite hard to get a halal gelatine. one of my friend suggested Nona gelatine. I did bought that gelatine but there's no halal at the label.. and furthermore, the factory is located next to juru highway and we did see a red cloth hanging on the factory's door indicating it's own by chinese.. i checked through internet and there were few discussion saying that that brand is own by chinese.. so, i decided to buy halal gelatin online. hope to get it in few days time so i can start baking cakes.. yipiee
on saturday, the three of us 'lepak' at home.. i made 'ayam kicap' and 'lemak lobak putih' for lunch and nasi goreng for dinner. that afternoon, we had fun pushing aiman around in his so called car.. hehe.. he was really happy that day.. how we know it?? he keeps on drooling each time he is happy. hahaha.. tiru sapa la tu ye.. ngeh ngeh.. later that day, i manage to make 'seri muka' for dessert.. nyum nyum..

yesterday, we went to office to settle few things before tommorrow's meeting.. the EAC (Engineering Accreditation Council) is coming early Aug and we need to refurbish all our filing systems and portfolios. So, mama had a quite relaxed weekend without hassle and everything.. it's so nice being in home with our nucleus family.. hmmm..

XOXO mama

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