Rabu, 16 Julai 2008

blueberry cheesecake

thanks azah for the recipe.. this recipe is very easy to do and no baking is needed.. if you want to thicken the cheese layer, you may add the upper layer ingredients..


1. 300gm cream cheese (I used philadelphia cream cheese 250gm - 1 buku)

2. 70ml plain yogurt

3. 4 tblspoon icing sugar

4. 2 teaspoon gelatin - mixed with boiling water

5. a little zest of lemon

6. 7-8 pieces of digestive biscuit. mashed

7. 20gm butter - melted on stove (I used 1/3 of the normal buttercup)

8. Blueberry topping and filling (I bought normal blueberry spread at Jusco.. make sure the one with the least jem like texture.. basah lagi baik)


Mix butter and biscuits. Add them into the baking pan. Press until compacted and flaten it using hand. Cover with cling wrap (I used normal plastic bag used to pack lauk/sirap.. hehe). Keep in freezer until harden.

Beat cheese with mixer until it becomes smooth. Add in gelatin, yogurt, icing sugar and lemon into the mixer and beat some more. Put the batter into the baking pan taken out form the freezer. Add 2 table spoon of blueberry filling and stir it so it looks like marble cake. Put pan in the freezer again for an hour.

After 1 hour (depending on your fridge), checked whether the cheese has hardened. If it turns hard, take it out from the freezer and put the rest of blueberry as topping. Put the cake back in the bottom fridge overnight. The cake is best serve cold.

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