Rabu, 16 Julai 2008

of blueberry cheesecake, meet up with friends and immunisation

alhamdulillah, dah tengah minggu dah.. cepat betul la hari berlalu.. dari hari isnin sampai hari rabu penuh memanjang.. dari kerja ofis, sampailah kerja rumah.. malam isnin kelmarin, our family friend stop a while at our house before going to penang. It was really nice of them to stop by at our house.. ye la, it wasn't always people coming to Parit Buntar.. so, Harris (yes, my hubby best friend name is also Harris) Syuhaida and Adam came penang for a conference in Equatorial held by Rolls Royce.. wooohoo.. Syu apalagi amik kesempatan bercuti la.. tomorrow they'll head back to KL. Isnin haritu, lepas depa mai rumah, kami bawak depa pi makan kat Teluk Tempoyak.. there's a seafood restaurant there.. Teluk Tempoyak is located near war muzium in Batu Maung.. Firdaus, Isma and Danish were also there.. we had our dinner there and manage to get home back before midnight..

yesterday was a very hectic day.. with meeting for whole day, it was very exhausted.. uuu.. papa caught with sneeze and running nose.. later in the evening, we take aiman to local paed for his additional immunisation. this is his first time taking pneumococcal vaccination. menangis sket, tapi lepas tu jadi hero balik.. last time we did decide to give him rotavirus vaccination.. but due to budget constraint, we skip that vac. this time around, mama 'terpijak duit'.. so, we plan to give him the three shot needed.. last night tv aired 'the debate'.. but, seeing two politician talk nonsense (1 always try to remind us about the other's history and the other one who is so oppurtunist that most of what he talk and act makes me think.. is he really a trustworth man?) made me puke.. sorry la for the language.. so, i decided to give blueberry cheesecake a try.. in the last post, i did mention that i ordered a halal gelatine online.. so, yesterday i got the package and last night i did the cake.. tadaaaaaa.. sedap woo.. (hehe.. puji sendirik) *clap clap for myself..

so, hari ni.. kepala pusing pagi2.. sebab tak cukup rehat... have to start preparing the tutorial notes for this friday.. my bahasa malaysia evaluation will be either on this friday's class or next week's. huhu.. ciow!

XOXO mama

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suhanatomiran berkata...

eyt awak!saye silent readr if your blog.shuhaida classmate saye mase kat secondary school.;).whut a small world kan?!

mast@work berkata...

well, thank you for stopping by.. me myself was syu's schoolmate.. kira u pun SMPW la ye... i was there from 1994-1996 (form 1-3 Amal). Then me and syu attended UTM together..