Isnin, 17 Oktober 2011

watch at your own risk

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

sambil study kejung2 bijik mata, mama update blog sikit la.. mengantuk benarnya :P

some of you guys knew that I totally hooked to How I Met Your Mother *HIMYM series kan? well, i stumbled into another series that I found quite interesting to watch (oh please bear in mind, these series contained explicit languages and not appropriate for small kids)

source google

yeah, the content was not like some History Channel or Discovery Channel whatsoever -- tak bermanfaat pun.. these series are like fun and laid-back kinda sitcom to watch.. we always watch these series when me and papa are having our relax time after children sleep.. we could laugh together with the jokes and sometimes really get what they mean (double-meaning kinda language) so finding a new laid-back series is kinda fun for us..

so last week we started to watch this

source google

COUGARTOWN and man this series is hilarious.. it was about a recently divorce 40 year-old woman who for the past 20 years has been an obedient wife when suddenly after divorce found herself missing all the excitement of being 20 years old..

although the content is a little racy but i find it entertaining.. well, if you guys are those who love to watch sex and the city type of series, this wouldn't fail you..

so, happy watching XOXO

don't bother me.. this is just me channeling my bore

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Oyis berkata...

dpt cik abe satu kepala untung jg. my cik abe x suka citer2 chic gini. terpaksa la tgk cerita boring2 yg lain huhu

mast@work berkata...


mungkin korang leh tgk citer2 seram n investigation kut.. hehe