Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

to write or not to write

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop trying to jot down everything that I thought for the past 43 minutes after Subuh... I always get some idea, then think owh ok, I'll write that later and kapoofff after 1/2 day gone I totally forgot everything! pfftt!! This time around since I can't put myself back to sleep, maybe after all, this is the best time to write.

Yeah guys, I've started writing my first chapter last week. Some might say hey, isn't that too early? especially in Japan? well, I don't know and I'm also wondering why did my sensei ask me to start this early. Was it because he think that I might turn up to be a good writer or maybe he thinks that I am one such a big bum that he need to push really hard? Oh I believe for the latter. And to make me more gabra, he ask for the first 3 chapters by end of this year! GULP!

How can I say this.. It's was not easy! Somehow I now understand what it means by writer's block. Those final year students always told me that they have mix kind of feeling when it comes to writing their thesis. Sometimes they became lazy, sometimes they think it's not enough.. well man, now I got that too!

Fine, I'll admit that though I did not start writing the chapter per say but I did put my effort of editing few papers that I have (macam banyak benor -- publish 1, presented in a seminar 1 -- both are different altogether) to become the first part of my first chapter.. and... it turns out to be some sort of an un-synchronized piece of whatever-people-may-call-it or the S word.

It doesn't sound like me. It sounded like my previous master project that I wish not to remember that part in my life. Yeah, it was THAT BAD.

So this morning, I woke up, feeling fresh, I think I want to start writing!

and I thought that since this is my work, this it my baby, why can't I workout something that will please me and my sensei? write? right?

so yes, I have some idea.. I started jotted it down.. and will tell you guys once I finish the first part of the first chapter of the first ever book on my research work.. <<<--- poyo tak hengat

till then, please pray with me so that the piece doesn't SUCK! :P

p/s: yes, I am boring, am I? 

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Asmara berkata...

Gambate kudasai! :D

Oyis berkata...

i know how u feel. i feel tht awful thinking about my msc thesis too ;P

mast@work berkata...


tq kak :)


hahah, ingatkan mas sorang ja.. kehkeh.. sejarah itam :P