Ahad, 7 September 2008

he is 1 YO!!

Alhamdulillah, today mark his first year.. being born in the month of september meant a lot for mama.. after all teh miseries i had in the past few years, aiman's birth was one joyful moment in my life. today he turn one.. how time flies.. i still remember his birth day and the moment Dr pun him on my tummy.. masyaAllah.. he grow to one sweet boy.. let me update aiman's progress first before i tell u about his birthday party details..

well, let me start with his physical progress.. he now have 8 teeth.. he weigh more than 10kg!! huhu.. he already built his pace in walking.. he can walk all around house without assistance and happy to learn more about his surrounding.. it's been almost a week since he can walk freely. nowadays, he also eat more.. he loves to eat everything.. he doesn't favour porridge much anymore as he enjoys nasi with fish and chicken etc. he loves to move his body whenever he listens to music and this past 2 days, he started to play with his uncles peekaboo.. he said 'baaa.. tak' when he wants to play peekaboo.. hehe.. he look cute when he plays around.. although he loves to eat, he still favour his milk.. he drink 7oz of milk each time for 4-5times daily. huhu.. that's why he weigh that much! everytime we want to have our meal, he'll come to us and open his mouth largely as if he understand that we're eating!! hahaha..

today, we're still at alor setar.. having a nice weekend at my late grandma's house (currently occupied by my aunt) this house is quite big.. an old fashioned house with bricks at the ground and wood for the first floor.. aiman's very happy to play around the house with his 8,7 and 3YO uncles.. mama already bought a small cake for aiman's bday.. but the bday boy already fall asleep (it 9.15pm now) aiyoo.. kang mama yg potongkan baru tau!! hehe..

anyway, to my wonderful son Aiman, thank you for all the joyous moment you brought into my life. may u be a cheerful kid and a very soleh person who obey his parents and also Allah the Almighty. semoga dilimpahi dengan kesihatan dan sentiasa diberkati oleh Allah.. Jangan lupakan mama dan sentiasa sayangi semua yg sentiasa menyayangi aiman.. Amin.

*i'll update aiman piccas tomorrow.. chiow!

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iza berkata...

mast, happy birthday to aiman..give our hugs n kisses to him

Tanpa Nama berkata...

a grrrreat momentum fr the little one. happy birthday yeahhh!

from auntie KC

mast@work berkata...

tenkiu3 for all the wishes..