Isnin, 9 Jun 2008

he turned 9 months last saturday

this boy turned 9months last saturday!! yeay!!

alhamdulillah.. last saturday aiman turned 9 months.. he's getting cheekier day by day.. nowadays, he's started answering each time when we call his name with "huh".. pendek je.. menyahut dia.. he also can climb sofa and stand and sit on his own.. sometimes he tried to let go off his hand to stand unsupported.. he's learning fast everyday.. when i sing lullaby or even thomas's theme song, he hums with me.. he's so sweet and adorable and i love him so much.

these past few days, he always wanted to sleep in my arms.. with zikir, he hums together with me "laillahaillah" continuously until he fall asleep.. he loves his "singe" more and more everyday and cannot sleep with his buddy.. hmm.. mama sayang aiman.. mama doakan aiman panjang umur, jadi anak yang soleh, anak yang bijak dan jadi ahli syurga.. senyuman aiman akan mama ingat sehingga akhir hayat mama..

right pic was taken at queensbay mall.. papa holding a very sleepy boy..
yesterday we had our lunch at nando's queensbay mall.. out of sudden, we got ourselves a form for a contest for father's day.. we have to take a picture while having our lunch at nando's.. here it is!!

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kc berkata...

alahai...dah beshaq dah boboy sorang nie. umur 9 bulan ni mesti tgh lasak kan?

mast@work berkata...

hahaha.. memang betul sgt kak kc.. saya bagi 10markah!!

Cik Embun berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.