Jumaat, 13 Jun 2008

friday afternoon

well, it's already half past four.. only half and hour left before i head back home for another weekend.. this morning something big happened in our family. i'll tell you next time, when the time is suitable.. so, today i started up my working day quite late.. i came to the office only this afternoon.. i got into the office, started up my pc and laptop.. (yep.. i opened both because office internet's quite slow.. i'm using my celcom broadband for surfing). i finished wrote a letter regarding my own silly fault of not double checking my students mark.. padan muka. i ended up writing a letter to my assistant registrar (the letter will be forwarded to TNC.. ngeee) asking permission to correct my student's mark. huhu.. lepas ni lagi panjang la ceritanya..

i'm planning to go to the pasar malam this afternoon. i am not planning to cook anything eventhough my dad, sis n cousin are here. malas. so, i'm planning to buy yong tau fu and some tau fu fa for tonight's dinner..

actually i dont know what to plan for this weekend.. maybe we'll go for a window shopping in penang.. or maybe we just stay home and lazying ourselves and watch tv all day long.. hahaha.. actually i have to write a technical paper to be submitted during the office retreat end of this month. malas again.. aiyo.. really need to slap myself lah.. huhu.. and me and hubby also need to submit short sem marks by this monday.. again, i'm malas.. hahahaha.. ya Allah.. bantu la aku buang sifat malas yang banyak sangat dalam diri ni.. amin.

end ** nampak sangat mengarut kan entry ni.. hahaha

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