Isnin, 23 Jun 2008

grey's anatomy

yeay!! something to look forward to in weekend night.. the latest season's of grey's anatomy is back.. syok! at least there is something for us to watch during weekend nights.. it airs 9.45pm at ntv7.. i really can't wait what will happen to meredith and mcDreamy and etc2.. i am a big fan of this drama.. and now that addison is out to 'private practice' i really can't imagine the drama and new romance in this new season.. last saturday episode ended up when george confess that he loves izzie too.. aiyoooo.. nak mampus kut mamat tu.. dahle callie is the new head of resident doc.. ngeee.. drama and lots of drama.. oh, terlupa.. ulangan is on monday night (today) 11.45pm. chiow!

3 ulasan:

kc berkata...

whatever it is, i can't stand christina, the chinese doc tuh....really annoying laa

mast@work berkata...

haa, memang typical chinese.. hehe.. oppurtunist, x boleh org lain lebih..

aishah zaharin berkata...

mas, bagi la satu entry pasal nature of lecturer's work.. tgh buat evaluation career la.. :D