Khamis, 29 Januari 2009

book update

my first book for 2009 review
this will be the same review I gave to my book club..
well, mama have officially finished this book last night.. all in all, I would say that this book doesn't up to my expectations.. especially the rush ending which doesn't supposed to happen based on sophie kinsella's previous books especially shopaholic series which is waaayyyyy better than this.. I would say that some of characters in this book really annoy me.. especially the stupid hubby with manual, inconsiderate friends (she already mention her amnesia, but they still treat her the same way.. apedaa), the mother - which almost like sylvia (the nanny tv series) character and many more.. truly, I didn't enjoy this book.. I would say 3 out of 5 stars.. sorry la.. tak kena taste langsung.. hohoho

I am going to start reading this book tonight.. hope it doesn't turn out the way 'the secret' has made me - which by the way, I didn't read it until finish.. bored me to death (sorry to the book's fan)

*can't wait to go home and cook gulai lemak cili api daging salai and prepare cincalok for dinner.. nyum nyum nyum

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