Selasa, 6 Januari 2009

Book Club

Oh me oh my, I really wish to join a book club.. or maybe I should try to start one.. I have encountered few blogs that review books.. which I found very interesting.. I know that reading on your own gives satisfaction especially reading at your own pace, but I think that sharing it with others would be better.. I wish to have someone/ few friends and family whom I can share what I've read and discuss what I felt when reading that book.. I cannot share what I feel with my hubby (sorry ye papa).. as he seldom reads (except teaching and research materials) storybooks.. during my uni years, I was sooooo addicted to reading that I can stay up all night long just to finish a book.. be it romance, motivational etc, I can even skip doing my homework just to finish a book.. I usually dont own them.. I borrowed it.. especially from seniors (I remember this one kakak who used to have a loooottttssss of lovey dovey storybooks.. which I totally like) furthermore, reading open up our minds.. so, any suggestion?? would it be okey too if I include my blogging friends? hmm..

fyi, I'm still yet to finish the Barrack Obama's memoir.. especially reading it in the middle of the night which the book has turn into my dose of sleeping pills.. huhuhu.. and nowadays with the story of palestine bombing and such makes me want to start to hate him.. just because he too doesnt seem to care to take any actions.. apedaa.. so typical me.. getting emotionally involved in everything!!

*start book club means buying books - which in the end can reduce the tax amount that one need to pay.. hehehehe..

more info to start a book club - oprah's book club

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