Ahad, 25 Januari 2009

a short get together

alhamdulillah, we safely arrived BTR after a quick yet meaningful getaway to Palong, NS. Pak Jang and family treated us with the most delicious meals including his famous sup tulang and of course the warmth and love. We arrived Palong at around 2pm.. where we stop at pak jang's stall in front of Palong 14 gate (Felda).. once we have our seat, mak jang n pak jang start immediately serving us with lunch (we were really starved). pak jang close a little early (at 4pm) during saturday, and they join us at his house (we arrive before the house owner.. huhu.. have really good nap after filling our stomach..) and we ate and ate and ate.. yerp, lots of eating.. hehehe.. tea was serve with delicious goreng pisang and rambutans (it's already season in NS) and then we went around the house as pak jang show us his pittaya's farm at the back of his house.. at night, we had puyuh sweet sour (oooo.. heaven) and chit-chat until it almost midnight..

this morning, all of us had bfast and picking up news about family here and there.. we had our good rest before heading home around 1.30pm. We had lunch at Ulu Bendul (we didn't go for swim..) and reach here around 5.15pm.. 

tonight, I thought of treating my family a good domino's pizza.. to everybody, may you guys have a wonderful weekend and holiday.. tomorrow, we'll be in taman permata pulak.. will update later.. toodles peep.. muah

anticlockwise: mak jang n me.. salam2; sup tulang  made by pak jang; aiman having good time; pak jang, tok ayah and aiman.. catching up with each other; wancu spoiling aiman with love; mak su fatin entertaining aiman.. big picture: my anak bujang posing macam model.. hahahahha
all of us had wonderful time at Palong.. till we come again.. love you guys

*credit to nana for introducing me to photoscape.. it's so easy.. unfortunately, mac is not compatible with it.. hohohooho

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