Isnin, 2 Februari 2009

romantic movies tag

well, as me and my hubby seating in front of tv watching national treasure 2 and having our dose of sweet from the baskins pint (one for papa, one for mama), I asked papa whether it will be okay if we do some kind of romantic movie marathon during the coming valentine's day weekend. mind you guys, we're not celebrating the day.. but we're celebrating our love.. yes, papa and me shares a good taste of movies.. including romantic movies.. so, thinking that I wish to know my family and friends' taste in romantic movies, I think, a tag game will be great.. some of you might actually wonder too what are other peoples' choice of this type of movies.. so, here it goes..

Please copy the following rules in your post (as usual)
1. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones..
2. It doesn't have to be in order.. as long as you love the movies, it will be fine..
3. You have to tag another 5 person to answer this tag

My first choice would be - Pretty woman.. oh me oh my, who doesn't love this movie? I started dreaming of richard gere from this movie... a very sensuous one indeed.. I love the part when julia sat on top of piano.. wearing nothing except a tie.. weeewoooo.. 

My second choice would be - Sleepless in seattle.. I think this was the first meg ryan movie that I watched.. and surely fallen in love with her.. ever since, I never missed watching her movies.. I like the music score.. a very nice one.. especially with all lovey dovey songs.. aiyayayaya.. makes me dreaming all day long.. huhuhuhu..

My third choice would be - You've got mail.. again, meg ryan - tom hanks collaboration is very magical I would say.. I love those part where they fight cats and dogs about their bookstores and didn't realize that they actually have been in touch with each other on the internet..

My fourth choice would be - Notting Hill. well, actually this would be our choice.. me and hubby's.. well, what not to love the romantic yet dopey eyed hugh grant.. the storyline is sooooo fairytale-like.. hehehe.. jiwang karatssss

My fifth choice would be - When Harry Met Sally.. this is one hella good romantic comedy movie.. I love this one from start until finish..

Well, I am tagging
1. Mrs Noba
2. Ms Lola
3. Kak KC
4. Kak Aishah
5. Kak Iza

and additional (as I am the one who start this tag, surely 5 is not enough.. huhuhu)
6. Nana
7. Aweng
8. Dongan
9. Fanor
10. Kak Zufa

hehehe.. cukup le.. nanti hangpa tambah noooo..

btw, perasan tak semua movie di atas, takde yang sedih2? hehehe.. mama memang tak layan nangis sangat.. :P

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