Khamis, 8 Januari 2009

narcissist - loving yourself or just merely showing off?

well, this morning, during the boring minutes in my drawing class, mama managed to browse through the latest copy of reader's digest (RD-pg21).. this article really ticks me off.. hehehe

Face it: You Love Yourself
Take a look at my facebook page, aren't I gorgeous, glamourous and successful?

Facebook, the online networking phenomenon, has 100,000 million users with pages full of photos and updates on its users' latest endeavours. But these pages can reveal more than first thought - it can expose narcissists. Researchers at the University of Georgia asked untrained observers to look at the pages of 130 facebook users. Glamourous self-portraits, long lists of friends and self-promoting "wall" comments all indicated an unhealthy level of vanity. Study author Keith Campbell says, "Narcissists are using the facebook the same way they use their other relationships: for self-promotion, with emphasis on the quantity over quality"

huhuhu.. ada yang terasa pedasss ke? hehehe.. maybe mrs noba boleh suggest mama utk jadi blogger misteri?? kih kih kih.. yep, sometimes, I do encounter this kind of narcissists.. promoting oneself so they keep getting reader and new follower... what to do? without realizing, we too sometimes tend to be like a narcissist too.. huhuhu.. x mau komen banyak2.. takut nanti terkena batang idung sendiri balik..

narcissist - orang suka perasan diri sendiri tu best.. 

USM baru je keluarkan memo kata tak potong cuti kami 5 hari.. yeay!!! sayang USM

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