Jumaat, 16 Januari 2009

hutang tag - ampuan saya penunggu guaaaa

hehehe.. dah berjeman tondan (bak kata chema) mama hutang buat tag ni.. kak iza, saya bukan ape.. terfikir2.. ape la saya nak buh gambar fav ku.. ahakssss..

Do you think you're hot?
hmmm.. sometimes.. especially when there's no fan turn on.. akakakka.. of course I am.. hot mama.. kakakkakaka

Upload your favorite picture of you!

Why do like that picture?
It justify well enough that I have taken good care of my face. This pic was taken after a whole walking tour at Taiping Zoo.. and it's noon!!! still, there's one thing I would like to do. Take care of the lines near eye.. chit

When was the last time you ate pizza?
About a month ago.. with kak Irni, Irda, Busu and kids.. at juru..

The last song you listen to?
This morning.. Can't exactly remember the title.. but the lyrics I do remember " I wanna write you a love song, cause you ask for it, cause you need one, you see"

What are you doing right now besides this?
YM with my aunt.. wan cik

What name would you prefer besides yours?
Shy shy cat la.. let it be a secret. huhuhu

People to tag:
  • Kak aishah
  • Nana
  • Fanor
  • Chema
  • Kak Zufa
  • and whoever felt boring enough to do anything (except those dah pernah buat tu terpulang ek)
Who is number one?
Big Sister I wish to have. She's so tough living her life through experiences even I don't think I can survive. You go sis!!

Number three is having a relationship with?
Married to our survey group member.. I still can't believe you can actually date at a pondok with mosquitoes all over!! hahahahahhahaha.. remember fano??

Say something about number five?
My senior at school. She's a nice person.. an avid blogger too!

How about number four?
One of my two BFFs.. lagi sorang kat no 3 tu.. 

Who is number two?
My dearest sister.. I know you'll read this! and you know I love you

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