Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

what I can do now

Alhamdulillah, I have successfully being interviewed by sv-to-be (sv=supervisor).. pheww.. it takes about 1hour and 15mins to finish being scrutinized by him. What more I could say except I can only leave this to Allah to decide.. if rezeki is on our side, I am thankful.. if not, new plans will be made.. 

What I would like to share with you is about my weaknesses - including horrible broken english (to be precise - manglish), not to mention the 'berterabur'ness of my vocab and grammar (or maybe it's because I am quite tense during the interview) papa noticed that I sweat like a pig and my voice tremble.. I have to practice more.. but where can I do it?? I wonder if I start talking in english, would people condemn me back as being arrogant or 'macam bagus'? or maybe I can start practice my english with kak ayu (boleh tak sis?) since you're here in the same office as mine? 

not to mention that I also was kind of worried of not knowing what to answer in case the sv asked something that would be too theory for me.. yes, blame it to my brain.. I don't know why.. it's not that I don't know about some theory here and there but I would say that I am quite a practical person.. I need to do the thing first before I can explain it thoroughly... alhamdulillah, Allah has helped me.. the sv didn't asked too many theoretical questions.. instead he only wanted me to explain the current research that I have been doing here..

All in all, he will give the final decision within this week.. May Allah granted my wish to further my education. After all, this will be the only way to bring new knowledge back to Malaysia and also to develop our nation in the future.. amin..

on the other side of the story, my weekend was quite fruitful.. we didn't go out wasting money at shopping complex.. even papa keep insisting on me to go to queensbay.. thank goodness I was able to resist the temptation.. hehehe.. saturday morning started quite early as the three of us went for our breakfast at our fav beehoon soup shop in parit buntar.. I bought few groceries for lunch and dinner and then we went to the campus for our dose of exercise (actually it was my preparation for today's game).. I should say that the next time we plan for an exercise, it should be done in the evening instead morning.. it was veryyyyy hot last saturday.. we only manage practicing tennis for only an hour.. weeehoooo.. 

back at home,  I cooked laksa johor for lunch.. hahahaha.. jangan marah aa fanor so here it is.. tadaaa

yesterday we only stayed at home since I have to prepare my presentation for the interview.. picture below taken when Aiman was watching wonderpets with mama and papa.. the hat he wore was his own idea of having fun.. huhuhu

update will come later.. I need to attend an adhoc meeting at 10.30.. toodless

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