Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009

beezee weekend ahead

mama has been really occupied with few meetings and preparation for my interview this weekend. I am not complaining, just to share that I have attended at least 3 meetings since wednesday and exactly at 10 am, there'll be another one.. phewww.. what a week. Not to mention there are students waiting for some outcome from me including the marking scheme from the last week's test, interview with the student later during lunch hour and tennis practice this afternoon.. yep people! I need to brush up my skill in tennis. the school member has put my name as the tennis player for the student-staf game next week.. what the ....??? and there's even two more games that I need to play - netball and volleyball (breath in... breath out...) somput mak!!

The last time I played tennis was with dira during our master's years.. in KTF to be precise and not to mention that I was too lousy with tennis that we ended up playing hit the ball at the wall.. sorry dira, you certainly have a very lousy tennis player friend.. kuang3.. and again, I would like to stressout that I am a totally WORST (read aloud please) in netball.. during schooldays I was into hockey all the time.. and during undergrad years, I was doing something that most people don't do - I entered swimming as my Ko-K and attended horse riding classes in spare time.. If the school ask me to join any other sport that doesn't involve hitting balls (mind you guys, I can't focus correctly while hitting a ball) I surely wouldn't mind playing.. seriously, if you think that I am the typical girl playing girly thing.. oh please.. you are certainly asking the wrong person..

but since the school doesn't have enough players, me being soft-hearted says okey lorrr.. as long as students enjoy having good time with us, I think I would just play along.

another good and exciting news waiting is I am going to have my interview with future supervisor this weekend - on Sunday.. If this go smoothly, we'll be heading to this place
tadaaaa.. agak-agak boleh teka tak negara mana (pics taken from google)

If the prof agree to supervise me, we'll be leaving to that place before 2009 ends (I can't put any date yet until everything is finalized).. and it's going to 4 years instead of 3!! aiyayayaya.. sama cam US la.. so, please make doa for me and family.. pray for my success.. so that I can contribute back to the nation once I'm back..
update on book..

I have finish reading The Last Lecture -Randy Pausch.. it only took me 2 weeks to finish this book (ye, I am a slow reader) and what I have to say is that this book is really motivational.. in case you're too down with problems, try to read this..

Randy Pausch has lost his battle to cancer last year.. this book was actually based on the final lecture given at Carnegie Mellon university (his working place). I would say that he's one optimistic guy.. believe me.. he accomplised his childhood dreams (even if it takes yearsssss to achieve) and he is totally a lecturer to be respected. I seriously wish I have the same kind of lecturer as he is..
I think I would re-read this book whenever I felt down or sad.. just to give some motivation to me - as a lecturer..

now, I am going to start reading this.. nasibla mslola tak review every details in this book.. kalau tidak mesti frust.. ahaks

note: really hoping to settle everything regarding my study application by march.. and wishing that papa will to join us there..

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