Isnin, 16 April 2012

sakura 2012

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

apart from having visits from friends, we managed to have a nice weekend last week. not enough pocket money doesn't mean that we have to stay home and do nothing (which most probably won't happen as the kids will constantly asking food from me) haha..

saturday morning started with hubby going to his laboratory for his routine experiment while I stay at home cleaning and doing laundry. Just after we finished lunch, pray zuhur, papa asked whether the kids wants to go out as the weather was very nice. So we decided that we should go cycling to Keage... There's an abandoned railtrack with lots of sakura! owh so nice!

god! we cycled more than 10km that saturday! pheww!!

we let the kids run (as usual T_T) and we managed to capture lots of nice picture there.. <3

haha -- too many people but hey who cares right :P haha

i <3 this pic papa :)

and this one too.. super love!!

aiman and his levitation

haha TERBANG!!!

bajet kawaii

this one was near kita shirakawa (near our home) - the petals on the road are sakura

Us having fun :)

while cycling back home, we realized it's almost end of asar prayer, so we stopped at the uni main campus, had our prayer and let the kids play soccer and bubbles, and after that we had our weekly grocery shopping.. after reaching home, I cooked dinner and of course since the kids were really tired, the went to sleep super early.. so yeay to mom n dad time :P

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yatie chomeyl berkata...

seluar tantekkkkk

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seluar jerut dr uniqlo.. rembat dlm kotak aje.. hahahaha

lia berkata...

sgt chantekkkkkk view...... suke... suke...

mast@work berkata...


cuaca baik amik kesempatan habis2an :P

wartawan comel berkata...

sweet family sis...