Sabtu, 9 Februari 2013

Mushy romantic novels

I always have been a sucker when it comes to cheesy romance.. Either movies or novels, I would be stuck in another world and drifted away with romantic lines...

I started reading romance when I was an undergraduate but since working, I tried to read other genre.. But I think I seriouly don't 'fit' other genre type of group.. Maybe because the main motivation from all my readings is that I want to have leisure time. So I kind of prohibit my mind from reading horror books (I always chicken out hewhewhew) I dont want to solve any mystery (let the police do it please) and I am leisurely happy with my life so I dont have to read how-to books related to business (who cares about becoming a millionaire), relationships (am happily having one), motivation (aahhh life always have upside down just try live with it!)

As for religion genre book, I do read some but of course that doesn't count for quran recital right? -- please dont judge

So back to mushy novels.. I think this year I almost over achieved my target of reading a book for a year!! Haha.. It seems that currently I am in a very good mood to read novels and since I have delete some unneccessary bothersome things that I usually do during my spare time.. I.e twittering.. So I have extra time for myself while travelling to and from campus (it's 45 minutes journey one-way)

But..... I think in my opinion, romance novels nowadays is more raunchy than old-school novels like mills&boons, judith mcnaught generations.. These days the focus are more towards submissiveness and a little to-much details revealed during the ehem-ehem (argh u know what i mean) and the novels cover are also more 'direct' and 'bare-all' than those in the old times. Sometimes I kind of hesitate showing my kindle collections (easier choice than printed actually) because people may thought that I read porn books! Huish..

Set aside those things, I still enjoy reading romance and will continue reading those books.. How about you guys? What type of books do you like to read during your spare time?


P/s -- i change the arrangement in my kindle collections so I can show you mine.. This is the most mild selections of books from my kindle hehehehe

Have fun weekend!

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eby.safiah salehuddin berkata...

Samolah kita. Tak kuasa nyah nak baca buku-buku penyiasatan segala. Seram lg xpayah. Bak kata anak aku mami lg menyeramkan dr hantu hewhewhew., motivation ku baca tajuk sahaja terus menjd insan b'motivasi ngehngeh...

mast@work berkata...


hahahhaa, lg menyeramkan dari hantu tak menahan oi.. haha.. yaaa.. aku mmg penakut.. jd buatpe nak cari pasal baca buku citer hantu pun kan? haha