Rabu, 6 Februari 2013

6th wedding anniversary

* السلام عليکم *

 こんにちは q(^_~)p

Last December we celebrated our 6th anniversary. How time flies. I still remember clearly the day we became husband n wife and today we are blessed with 2 beautiful sons. Since we went back to Malaysia for my sister-in-law wedding, we decided to have a 1-night honeymoon (minus the children, of course) in KL. I managed to get good bargain (where else? Agoda lah) and we had our nice stay at Traders Hotel. It was a seriously nice hotel and lots of good reviews can be read from tripadvisor website..

Before checking-in into our room, we leisurely had our time in KLCC. Papa bought me a nice perfume as present (err actually I got several but.. continue reading first :P) and then we went to our room. During check-in we told the reception guy that this was our anniversary and we were immediately upgraded to executive room.

Had nice rest for the rest of the day and we celebrate our anniversary with nice dinner at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill. The dinner was delicious and the service was the best. Highly recommended for dinner date. After finishing our dinner we went straight to our room and were surprised when the hotel managed to decorate our room! we had roses petals in our bathroom and bathtub, they give complimentary cakes.. It was so nice.

Next morning, before we pick our children for our next destination (continue in other entry), papa again gave another present. I totally love it! A necklace from mikimoto. That anniversary celebration was one of the best I ever had. I love you, papa, and maybe this year if we can find/squeeze some time we can celebrate our 7th somewhere nice too.. hopefully, insyaAllah..

2012-12-14 19.27.31
view from our room
2012-12-14 19.27.45
yeah, nice :)

2012-12-14 19.28.17
spacious room

2012-12-14 19.28.26
like a bawse :P

2012-12-14 19.28.34
forgot where is the pic with all the roses -- is it with you, papa?

2012-12-14 21.49.20
anniversary dinner.. super love! <3 td="">

2012-12-14 21.49.40
yes, i know you are happy with the angus! :)

2012-12-14 21.49.55
control ayu-sopan la konon sempena anni

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yan hamid berkata...

wanchu doakan semoga perkahwinan ini subur sehingga ke akhir hayat kakyong & haris.Happy belated anniversary.

Oyis berkata...

happy belated 5th anniversary mast!

aNiS tHe BumbleBee berkata...

congrats! moga cinta sampai ke syurga :D

Ayu Ikhwani berkata...

Heheh.. akak pun excited dok cari gambo with flower petals td =D

Nway, happy anniversary Mas! =) Moga kekal hingga ke jannah dah dipermudahkan segala urusan dunia =)

P/S Mas kurus.. tp Harris lagi kurus (mybe sbb jarang tgk gambo dia) =)

mast@work berkata...


thank you so much wancu :)

mast@work berkata...


thanks :)

mast@work berkata...


thanks.. aminnnn moga2..

mast@work berkata...

kak ayu,

haha, nak kena tanya harris nanti.. pastu update..

amin.. moga sampai jannah..

haaa memang.. harris keding hehehe

ak yuyunz berkata...

happy anni mas! semoga kekal hingga hujung nyawa yer =)