Khamis, 28 Mei 2009

living in a dream

the entry is just something that I heard from suze orman's saying this morning. yep, I do envy those who live in a dream.. buy things like there's no tomorrow.. I do envy those who can spend without even looking at the tag and even sell their things without even use it before.. or maybe as well as using it only once.. huhu.. 

I even envy if the person spending is wayyyyyyyy younger than I am.. yep.. I know, I come from middle-working class family.. even during our younger years, we don't have dolls and I even envy with those who have barbie dolls of different colours and fashions.. we don't even own a video game (only once- but arwah threw it from stairs because we couldnt stop playing with it) Come to think about it, the only game that lasted with us was the tetris block game (haha, bet you will be laughing at me) we don't even own a dvd player or might as well astro until both of us were sent to the hostels.. yep.. we only stick to the normal tv..

and now, after working, with a good solid almost  reaching 5k income monthly, I still couldn't afford to fork out some of it to buy expensive branded items.. especially handbags.. I wonder how does these people manage to buy these things.. hmm.. maybe they have rich and wealthy family, or maybe their husbands help or maybe they themselves own the money.. all in all, I salute these people who has extra money to buy luxury things that they wanted so much..

maybe you guys wonder, where do my incomes go.. well, tell you the truth, almost 1k has gone to paying credit cards debt (yep, I have mounts of debt to be settled), 1/3 goes into saving (emergency savings, tabung haji savings including mine, hubby's and aiman's) paying ptptn, personal loan (which was needed to save me from being hamba to ptptn for the next 15years!), kutus (so, I can have duit terpijak once a while), car loan (1/2 from me, half from hubby) give some to abah (sorry abah, I know, it's still a small amount compared to what you have given me)

that too still doesn't include twice a year pay for aiman's and my insurans (I have 2, aiman has 1) and small things to pay here and there.. 

me and husband constantly discussed on our financial status.. thank goodness he helped comfort me during stress period.. I always been in distress whenever it comes to money issues..

I still could not predict what's going to happen next.. with new family member to come, moving into new home, going to further study - aiyak! hope everything'll go smooth sailing.. amin

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