Selasa, 21 April 2009


looking at few of my friends life (through fb and such) make me wonder, how thankful I am for being me.. for being who I am today.. how I handle life.. and how I grew up into womanhood. It was really sad for me looking at few friends who was such a sweet and naive person turns into someone that is so weird and I wish not to say bad words here.. excuse me please..
I pray that all of them will have great life ahead.. still remember ALLAH (for goodness sake, please stop drinking and smoking, will ya?) and will be a good muslim woman.. whatever your background is.
And I keep praying that my children will turn into good muslim, practice the religion well and will pray for me so that all of us will be in Jannah.. amin

gemuk pun takpe la.. janji bahagia.. hahaha.. ayat vain aku! pics credit to

excuse moi for being emo this afternoon.. after all, this is my blog, ain't it?

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