Selasa, 29 April 2008

aiman's new favourite dish

Vanilla Custard

100ml formula milk
2-3 scoops of rice cereal
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon cornflour

Mixed all ingredients in bowl.
Heat on stove / microwave for 1-2 minutes. Serve while warm..

note: aiman enjoy this custard so much that i did this twice last week. thanks kak aishah for this recipe. hope you can post some more.. hehe..

baru2 ni kak aishah ada suggest me an organic biscuit. carrefour ada jual biskut ni dan mama beli la untuk try pada aiman. biskut ni keras sikit berbanding biskut biasa.. aiman suka betul sebab bila dia gigit2 biskut ni x cepat lembik.. layan je dia gigit biskut tu.. hehe

cerita last weekend

last weekend was somehow turn out to be remembered. i was quite glad to received 2 of my friends who i haven't got the chance to meet for quite some time. it started out with a phone call from nana (maimunah) who recently get a practical student from usm. the student are my third year student who currently doing his training in JPS. the last time i met nana was in HUKM after i delivered aiman.. waa.. nana was the first one to arrive at the hospital.. thanks babe! so when she called last week, i instantly suggested that we should met. we actually planned to meet at Juru Autocity last saturday, but dira (who also i havent got the chance to meet since new year.. hey dee, lama sangat la x jumpa.. bukan jauh pun! ngeh ngeh) suggested that she and nana come to my house for lunch.. wah.. ini sudah menarik (i thought).. boleh la masak sikit2

so on saturday morning, me and harris n aiman went to the market.. this was aiman's first trip to the market.. mata x berkedip tengok ikan la, tgk org la.. hehe.. so, we bought few things to cook and went straight home.. so the gotong royong started.. (well, you should see my house before any guests come.. haha.. macam tongkang pecah..)

well, this is the menu for saturday lunch..

nasi putih
sup tulang
ikan pari bakar
kerang rebus (nana makan jugak benda ni... dia elergi teruk.. teringat time utm dulu.. hehe)
air asam

ermm.. ni yang jadi lapar time gini ni.. hehehe.. nana n dira arrived around 12.30pm.. by that time i finished cooking so we straight away had our lunch.. huuu.. kenyang teramat.. we mingle and gossip for a while before dira n nana went back at 3pm.

later in the afternoon, after asar, me decided to go for a quick shopping at Queensbay mall.. last week i received an sms about La Senza's sale.. so you know what i shop heh?? kekeke.. best betul.. dapat la yg baru2 sket.. sejak bersalin dok pakai nursing punya je.. x best! hehehe.. jusco also had their sale last weekend. i bought a pant for aiman. as aiman only have 1 pant. papa bought himself a refill ink pen.. ehehe.. papa x beli apa2 pun..

on sunday, we decided not to go anywhere. so, we ended up lazing around the house. i made pancakes for bfast, mee kari for lunch and reheat the sup tulang for dinner..

so, that's what happened during last weekend.. how bout yours?? share with me la..

Isnin, 28 April 2008

pledge to earth and helping those in need

recently we celebrated the earth day (for those who forget, let me remind you.. it was last tuesday laaa). one question that continues popping into my mind is what have i done to help reducing the amount of wastes everyday.. we malaysian is still low in recycling our wastes. as a lecturer, i do try to incorporate recycling in my research (currently researching the impact of using rice husk ash as additives in soil stabilization). but as a mother, i still struggle to do my part. going to market and shopping with family are still one of the activities that mothers do. do you realize that we still use plastic bags in our daily shopping? no matter if it's a small shops near our houses or the mega- super- big markets such as carrefour, tesco, giant etc still uses plastic bags. most of the western's country have changed their plastic bags to paper bags. they encouraged buyers to bring their own bags to put all shopping items. it is sad to say that we don't adapt this environment to our daily life. i was even surprise during few visits to local mall like billion when i said to the counter girl that i want to reduce the amount of plastic bags used to pack my shopping items, she straight away reply that it is their job to put each different types of thing into different plastic bags. i ended up carrying more than 5 plastic bags when i can actually mixed the items into 3 bags only! huh! watching the documentary of al-gore 'the inconvenient truth' opens my mind and eventhough we are definitely late in receiving this kind of information in malaysia, we still can catch up.


these past few months, i've started organizing my household's waste. i've tried seperating plastic bottles and cans and also tried to recycle it. i sent these wastes to the office cleaners and they sold it to collectors. i told them to keep the money to themselves (it's not much actually but still can buy them drinks etc). currently, my husbands help to keep things up. eventhough there are times when we just give the recycleable things to the garbage collector, but we still seperate those items. i can see that they put these thing in different place than the domestic wastes (means that they do sell these things to collectors).

in the office, we already tried to incorporate the usage of recycled papers. memos are printed on recycled papers and drafts too.. dean said that we saved a lot when not buying papers anymore. it's good actually to see this kind of attitude in the office. unless it's an official letter, we print everything on a recycled paper. other than that, we do try to reduce the amount of electricity and water usage. in usm we called this 'greening the office'. it seems to get good cooperation among colleagues. alhamdulillah. and the most popular in usm currently is the 'white coffin'. USM's cafeteria has banded the usage of polystyrofoam.. they encouraged us to use new packaging (need to add 20cents more because these thing need to be recycled..) or we can help reducing the amount of wastes by eating at the cafeteria.. these are few of the effort done by usm to help reducing the damage to our environment. you can see the usm initiatives on helping to protect environment by checking into our website and go to 'campus sejahtera' or healthy campus link - see my labels on the right column.
as a mother, i would like to start this effort to save the earth and helping others especially those in need... i would like to start a community of people who would like to recycle all their babies things such as clothes, bottles, baby cots, strollers, prams etc. these valuables will be given to those in need, especially to those in remote area. i will try to find a good family/ orphanage where these thing will benefit them a lot. i welcome any comments and hopefully god help me to help other people in need. i would like to start this community because i do have several things that can be given to places in need (like nursery or orphanage) and i would like to have my family and friends to do so. i love kids. i want my son to live comfortable with good things and i believe that other babies/ child should feel the same way too.. maybe this will be a way of helping others to have a comfortable life too.. i will explain to you later the cause of this commitment in my next posting.

Rabu, 23 April 2008

the pursuit of happyness

last sunday we watched this movie at astro's HBO.. cerita sebenarnya mengenai kepayahan seorang lelaki yang kehilangan harta benda dan kerjayanya... lakonan will smith.. rasanya inilah cerita pertama will smith yang betul2 menyentuh perasaan mama.. sebak betul tengok cerita tu.. terutamanya bab dia kena tidur dalam bilik air subway sbb dah kena halau dari tempat tinggal dia dan bagaimana dia kena bersusah payah dengan anaknya mendapatkan tempat setiap hari di tempat 'homeless'. kesian betul.. tp memang motivating la cerita ni.. recommended for families with children.. banyak kualiti cerita macam ni.. takde la cerita macam filem malaysia.. seronok dibuai perasaan je.. tak membantu membangkitkan minda! huhu.. teringat komen enche naga pasal cerita congkak.. boing boing gegar!! hehehe..

ayam organik

huuuu.. dengar pun macam seram je kan? semalam masa balik dari office, me and hubby decided to find this ayam kampung organik.. actually, we planned to try this last few week tapi sebab kami tak jumpa kedai tu maka tertangguh la agenda cari ayam ni.. hehe..

at first we thought that the supplier number given in the internal USM webpage was a chicken breeder.. rupanya they got the supplies every week from semenyih. waktu arwah emak ada dia pernah cerita kat saya pasal kepentingan makan ayam yang disembelih dengan bersih..

emak dulu selalu pergi kelas fardhu ain dsb di office dia.. ada satu ustaz pesan untuk jaga makanan kita kalau kita senang dan mudah nak menuntut ilmu. yang perlu diketahui adalah, kalau kita boleh lihat bagaimana ayam disembelih secara komersil, kita boleh lihat ketidak bersihan cara penyembelihan tu.. huhu.. bahasa!.. bila ayam disembelih, ia akan dimasukkan ke dalam satu periuk air panas untuk mencabut bulu2 ayam tersebut.. masa inilah ayam tu akan kiranya macam direbus dengan bulu + darah + najisnya sekali.. lepas tu baru ayam di hantar ke pasar dsb.. waktu arwah ada dulu, dia memang ke pasar dan tunggu ayam di sembelih (maknanya dia pilih sendiri ayam hidup). dia juga tunggu abang jual ayam tu cabut bulu ayam tu.. harga memang mahal sedikit dari kebiasaan tetapi kita mesti tidak was2 kan???
sambungan untuk ayam yg dibeli semalam adalah, ayam tu memang diberi makanan yang sihat sahaja... tidak dicucuk (sebab teringat dulu ustazah kat puteri wilayah marah kami waktu kelas. dia kata kami banyak sangat makan ayam cucuk, sebab tu jadi pemalas cam ayam.. hehehe) dan ayam ini diproses mengikut hukum syarak dan tidak direbus bersama darah dan najisnyaa.. huhu..
semalam stok tinggal seekor saja ayam saiz XL (ayam dia memang besar) tapi harga pun boleh tahan, rm18.. dah siap di potong dan cuma untuk dibasuh sedikit dan sedia utk dimasak.. jadi menu semalam adalah tomyam ayam + sayur dan ayam goreng.. nyum2.. leleh air liur aiman waktu kami makan..
pagi tadi kami bfast karipap daging.. beli dengan orang yang sama di parit buntar.. yang bestnya karipap ni adalah bahan2 inti dia masuk misai kucing la.. ulaman2 la.. sedap seh!! nanti mama goreng lagi sekali baru ambil gambar.. pagi tadi rush x sempat... hehe

Selasa, 22 April 2008

aiman progress

good news! pagi tadi nampak aiman dah start duduk sendiri.. huhu!! tp aiman tunjuk kat papa dulu, pastu baru mama nampak.. hehehe.. anak mama dah besar la.. terer betul! yeay!

aiman's menu for this week

due to the fact that we just went to cameron last weekend, you can imagine the tonnes of vege stocked in my fridge. since there is some frozen chicken in the fridge, mama decided to cook chicken n vege porridge for aiman.

Chicken porridge

2 handful of rice (washed and cleaned)
2 pcs of chicken meat (boneless)
2 medium size carrots

put all ingredients inside the rice cooker except for broccolli. cook the rice until it becomes congee. once the water boil, then put the broccolli. do not put broccolli in early because the colour will turn yellow (becomes lembik too.. erk.. x sedap).

Isnin, 21 April 2008

after a good weekend

alhamdulillah, after a good weekend, i manage to come back to office today with a good spirit.. last weekend was a blast! we went for a quick holiday at cameron highland.. pheww.. eventhough we got tired but still we enjoy being around with our family.. aiman as usual is very happy. i presume that maybe because tok ayah was around to play with him. the 'cheeky'ness in his face shows.. haha..

the real plan was we supposed attended a friend's wedding in trolak.. but due to the fact that everybody was so excited to 'jalan2' around cameron, so we decided to skip the wedding (at first i thought that my friend's husband side is next week so i'll go to that event.. but this morning one of my friend told me it was yesterday! aiyoh! sorry la kak chah)..

so this is our travelogue (in BM):

Saturday (19/04/2008) - Tok ayah dan wancu bertolak dari KL pukul 8 pagi manakala kami bertolak dari parit buntar 9.30 pagi.. huhu.. biasalah nak bersiap 4 org.. aiman alhamdulillah senang sikit nak siap pagi tu sbb ade pingu n dapat suap makan.. thank mak teh!. kami berjumpa di tanah rata lebih kurang 12.30pm.. lepas lunch, kami sempat makan strawberry aiskrim.. yummy!! (gambar atas sekali untuk post ini menunjukkan mama dah abis semangkuk aiskrim n papa pun kenyang.. time ni kami baru perasan aiman yak yak.. eeee) habis diet aku strike 1! check-in di strawberry park at 2.00pm, kami masuk bilik dan berehat.. alkisah, lepas kami masuk hujan pun turun.. huhu.. sejuk banget seh!! sume sempat

berkubang dalam selimut.. hahahaha.. petang tu dalam pukul 4.30pm kami keluar ke cactus valley dan ke pasar malam di pekan brinchang.. huhu.. banyak juga jualan kat sini.. boleh kata barang2 souvenir murah kat sini jika dibandingkan dibeli di kedai. waktu jalan2 kat pasar malam ni, kami nampak ada sejenis buah.. nama jambu kristal.. manis dan sedap.. abah belikan kami untuk makan dan utk bawa balik.. lepas tu kami beli juga madu lebah dan pokok cactus.. konon2 nak hias bilik ofis la nanti.. hehe.. kami beli siap2 dinner utk makan di hotel.. malam tu kami lepak2 dalam bilik.. rehat.. ermm.. best tidor.. sbb hujan.. aiman payah nak tidor malam tu.. mungkin excited kut.. hehehe..

Sunday (20/04/2008) - pagi- pagi lagi sume orang dah bangun.. terutamanya mak teh aiman yang tidur nyenyak tak agak2.. kekeke.. kul 7.30am dah turun breakfast.. bagus betul.. hehe.. kami check out dari hotel dalam 10.30am.. lepas tu kami gerak ke 'BOH' tea garden kat sungei palas..
minum2 kat situ.. keluar dari tea garden tu lebih kurang pukul 1 dan sempat shopping sayur2 dekat pasar sebelum balik pukul 2.30pm.. kami 2 kereta turun melalui simpang pulai.. bak kata abah 'lalu ikut tapah tu corner dia bukan u dah! tapi O!' hahaha.. turun dari cameron kami sempat jamah McD di medan gopeng.. lepas pukul 5 kami menuju destinasi masing2.. alhamdulillah, maghrib kami sampai di rumah.. hmm.. kesimpulannya, memang best sekali sekali buat cuti mengejut macam ni.. dapat rehat sikit minda.. yang pasti retail therapy banyak membantu.. hahahahaha :) dan diet gue sudah pincang gara2 cuti ini dong! kikiki

p/s: semalam adalah anniversary abah dengan arwah emah yang ke 28.. hmm.. kalau emak ada mesti lagi meriah.. semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan ahli syurga.. amin.. sayang emak

Jumaat, 18 April 2008

aiman's porridge

Ini diet aiman untuk minggu ini.

info: mama sempat masak selang 3 hari untuk aiman. so, i stocked up my fridge with aiman's food and reheat it every morning, put it in thermos and sent it to his nursery.. huhu.. nak buat camno..

This week: Beef porridge mixed with carrots and potatoes

3 handful rice - washed
1 pitch of beef stock (apporximately)
1 carrot (medium size)
1 potato

mixed everything inside the rice cooker. or can use stove to cook the porridge. cook well until rice becomes congee... don't add any salt as it's not good for babies. and for 7months old, he's still young to be introduced to minced beef. afraid that his stomach can't digest the beef.. put the porridge inside small tuppawares/ tipuwares (whichever u like) and reheat it when needed. the porridge can last around 3 days if you cool it outside the fridge first to expel all stim from the hot porridge before closing the lid.

good luck!

pasal nama

pagi tadi dengar hotfm pasal fbi dah dapat baby baru.. dia belum pilih nama.. cuma nak kongsi.. apa makna nama anda sendiri?

Mastura maksudnya yang terpelihara. nama ni opah mama yang pilih, sebab masa dia pergi haji, dia jumpa tempat nama Masturah kat sana.. huhu.. masa mama gi umrah pun dapat la tengok tempat tu..

Nama papa Muhd Harris, maknya pengawal.. jadi bila kami kawen maknanya pengawal yang terpelihara laa.. hahahahaa.. boleh jadi bodyguard gitu.. sayang abang.. hehe

Nama Aiman mama dengan papa pilih waktu aiman dalam perut mama lagi.. maksud aiman yang bertuah.. the lucky one gitu.. cam lagu anuar zain.. huhu.. no particular reason sbb pilih nama tu.. cuma yang pasti, nama aiman sedap disebut dan didengar.. mama ngan papa tak mahu bubuh nama aiman susah2.. takut nanti orang panggil bukan2.. hehe.. jadi aiman senang.. nanti aiman duduk exam duk depan sekali... beratur pun depan sekali sbb aiman is the best!! khalifah Allah yang terbaik yang mama sayang.. muah!

Rabu, 16 April 2008


ada dah jadi dengan semalam? huhu.. pagi2 lagi aiman dah buat aksi stunt.. dia tumbangkan rak tv.. nasib baik tv x timpa dia.. papa dia sempat sambut tv dari kena dia.. sekarang kalau dia masuk 'walker' mesti dia suka nak pergi kat rak tv tu.. nak jadi cerita, mak teh aiman call bagitau malam sblm tu pun walker tu dah timpa dia sekali.. mama dah memang plan nak beli rak tv baru.. kadi smlm dah beli la.. huhu.. beli yang biasa2 aje.. sbb nanti bila dah pindah rumah sendiri baru nak cari yg canggih punya.. huhu... canggih camne pun x tau la.. ngeh ngeh..
haaa.. tgk la budak dalam walker tu.. muka bersungguh2.. eeee..

aiman loves pingu!!

huhu.. dah perasan 2 minggu lepas lagi.. aiman suka bangun awal.. bila weekend kami lepak2 depan tv.. dia suka sgt tgk pingu!! x berkelip mata.. syok la tu.. hehehe.. comel!

lepas tgk pingu, panjat mama, minta mandikan.. pastu minum susu n tidorrrrr.. zzzz

Rabu, 2 April 2008

kesian kak tun.. ish ish

Tajuk di atas sepatutnya ditukar kepada kesian mama, ish ish.. hahaha.. harini kelas terakhir untuk semester ini. seronot!! pas ni tak payah dah nak mengadap muka student.. kena mengadap kertas diaorg aje.. hahaha..

lagi pulak papa yang kena ajar banyak dari mama.. jadi sempat la mama mengelat harini..

pagi tadi sempat mama tengok utusan.. pasal sufiah.. kesian la kat budak tu.. jadi ter'bebas' sangat camtu.. kena guide balik, supaya tak terpesong sampai ke mati.. ish.. x seronok lak tu bila dapat emel tgk gambar dia x berapa sesuai.. harap2 Allah bukakan pintu hati dia balik..

hari ni jugak mama dah settle kwsp.. pasni boleh tunggu n lihat je laa rumah mama siap.. yippie!!!

Selasa, 1 April 2008

untuk yang pertama

Assalamualaikum, dan selamat datang..

this blog is meant for family, friends and whoever whats to share their views with me.. harap jangan berkecil hati dengan kekhilafan saya semasa menulis blog ni..