Selasa, 29 April 2008

cerita last weekend

last weekend was somehow turn out to be remembered. i was quite glad to received 2 of my friends who i haven't got the chance to meet for quite some time. it started out with a phone call from nana (maimunah) who recently get a practical student from usm. the student are my third year student who currently doing his training in JPS. the last time i met nana was in HUKM after i delivered aiman.. waa.. nana was the first one to arrive at the hospital.. thanks babe! so when she called last week, i instantly suggested that we should met. we actually planned to meet at Juru Autocity last saturday, but dira (who also i havent got the chance to meet since new year.. hey dee, lama sangat la x jumpa.. bukan jauh pun! ngeh ngeh) suggested that she and nana come to my house for lunch.. wah.. ini sudah menarik (i thought).. boleh la masak sikit2

so on saturday morning, me and harris n aiman went to the market.. this was aiman's first trip to the market.. mata x berkedip tengok ikan la, tgk org la.. hehe.. so, we bought few things to cook and went straight home.. so the gotong royong started.. (well, you should see my house before any guests come.. haha.. macam tongkang pecah..)

well, this is the menu for saturday lunch..

nasi putih
sup tulang
ikan pari bakar
kerang rebus (nana makan jugak benda ni... dia elergi teruk.. teringat time utm dulu.. hehe)
air asam

ermm.. ni yang jadi lapar time gini ni.. hehehe.. nana n dira arrived around 12.30pm.. by that time i finished cooking so we straight away had our lunch.. huuu.. kenyang teramat.. we mingle and gossip for a while before dira n nana went back at 3pm.

later in the afternoon, after asar, me decided to go for a quick shopping at Queensbay mall.. last week i received an sms about La Senza's sale.. so you know what i shop heh?? kekeke.. best betul.. dapat la yg baru2 sket.. sejak bersalin dok pakai nursing punya je.. x best! hehehe.. jusco also had their sale last weekend. i bought a pant for aiman. as aiman only have 1 pant. papa bought himself a refill ink pen.. ehehe.. papa x beli apa2 pun..

on sunday, we decided not to go anywhere. so, we ended up lazing around the house. i made pancakes for bfast, mee kari for lunch and reheat the sup tulang for dinner..

so, that's what happened during last weekend.. how bout yours?? share with me la..

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