Jumaat, 18 April 2008

aiman's porridge

Ini diet aiman untuk minggu ini.

info: mama sempat masak selang 3 hari untuk aiman. so, i stocked up my fridge with aiman's food and reheat it every morning, put it in thermos and sent it to his nursery.. huhu.. nak buat camno..

This week: Beef porridge mixed with carrots and potatoes

3 handful rice - washed
1 pitch of beef stock (apporximately)
1 carrot (medium size)
1 potato

mixed everything inside the rice cooker. or can use stove to cook the porridge. cook well until rice becomes congee... don't add any salt as it's not good for babies. and for 7months old, he's still young to be introduced to minced beef. afraid that his stomach can't digest the beef.. put the porridge inside small tuppawares/ tipuwares (whichever u like) and reheat it when needed. the porridge can last around 3 days if you cool it outside the fridge first to expel all stim from the hot porridge before closing the lid.

good luck!

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