Isnin, 3 November 2008

my weekend: pb - kl - pb

It's been long, exhausting month for me.. I am not complaining about all the hassle that I need to go through but I thought sharing it in this blogsphere kind a relaxing for me.. I know, my blog is like a place where I 'lepas geram', share my emotion etc.. sorry guys.. maybe you are expecting some kind of funny blog in here.. but this is me.. real me.. so, terima je la ye.. hehehe..

anyway, I thought last weekend I can have a quick break with my family at home.. instead, one bad news happened that need the three of us to go back to kl.. pagi sabtu lepas subuh, we received a phone call from my MIL about papa's aunt who's suffering cancer passed away.. so, we headed back to kl.. the night before that, papa stayed up late to finish his report need to be submitted today (monday).. so, I was the one who drove all the way to kl.. huhu.. we reached puchong perdana around noon, I stayed at my aunt's house with Aiman while papa headed to the surau where my aunt's body is being washed and kafan.. it's sad knowing that my late aunt's youngest son couldnt make to pay his last visit to his mom.. sedih la tgk dia.. but being a son, he didnt shed a tears in fornt of us.. my I know deep inside him, he's must be crying.. losing mom is not an easy thing.. trust me.. I know that feeling..

late saturday afternoon, we went to tok ayah's house as my MIL stayed at my aunt's house for tahlil.. we were supposed to pick her up on sunday morning but she said that after tahlil, she already went back to permata.. she had migrain.. resulted from heavy travelling daily to and fro permata and puchong (read: my MIL take buses to puchong daily!) that night, papa brought mama, wancu nana out for dinner.. aiman was left at home with tok ayah.. as we afraid that he might be exhausted from travelling.. and he was too sleepy when we were about to go out.. thinking of having something good for dinner, we headed to one utama.. hehehe.. we had itallian dinner at Italliannies.. nyum2.. i'll review on this restaurant later.. after dinner, we wandered around OU.. papa insisted on buying new kettle for me.. as our kettle (which by the way was a wedding present from nisa and ami.. x silap mama) need to be changed.. so, papa bought a new one for me.. and for myself, I managed to grab these!!
crocs malindi.. yeay! gambar hepi dapat kasut baru..

sibuk je orang dengki dengan kite.. hehehe

kaler bubblegum pink lagi gitu kasut mama yang baru.. so, yesterday, we had a kenduri in btr neighbourhood.. it was my friend's cousin wedding.. dik din was one noti boy last time.. I didnt get to meet him yesterday.. I wonder how he is now.. last time I met him, he was quite mischevous as he is.. mengusik mama and aen (who look beutiful as ever).. later in afternoon, we quickly went to my MIL's house before headed back to parit buntar.. huhu.. badan rasa nak bengkok dah ni.. reached home around 10pm.. slept almost midnight after watching babak empat madu tiga (quite hilarious too) and aiman was really active last night.. mama didnt get her beauty sleep last night.. huhuhu (my beauty sleep took 8 hours.. hahaha) today, I need to finish my laundry which supposed to be done in the weekend and so many office work that need my attention.. so toodles peep.. if time permits, maybe i'll catch up some blog update later in afternoon.. hahhaa masih berkira2 nak curi tulang.. tata

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