Khamis, 20 November 2008

happy birthday papa 21/11/2008

20/11/2005 - a day before his bday.. btw, how old are you now ye papa?? kih kih kih
first picture together at desaru.. ye, dulu mama pakai glasses besar gitu

well, I still remember this same day (20/11 and 21/11) in 2005.. although it has been three years since that day, I could still clearly remember it.. that weekend, I asked papa whether he wanted to celebrate his bday with someone.. (read: me in parit buntar, he in jb) that time we were still friends and even call each other "awak - saya".. hehe (yes papa, you bring out the child in me).. me that time just recently broke up with so called 3-years-not-approved-by-mom-boyfriend. All I can say that he's the one who always stood by me no matter how I am (even during bad days.. Yes, I cried a lot.. I even cried my heart out during that time). So, during that particular weekend, I decided to be with him.. I take a midnight bus (which by the way is full, I need to sit at driver's chair -which is near the door.. no, no, not the normal chair ye) halfway through until nilai before the driver asked me to change to another bus.. because he pity me sitting for the past 3hours on a not so comfortable chair) I reached jb the next morning.. papa picked me up near sri skudai and sent me to atie's room.. on that sunday, pap picked me up and we headed to the only place in johor that I told you haven't got the chance to go during my study years (read: 6 years okey). It was desaru.. one of the nicest beaches in Johor.. I was quite shocked to learn that he too has feeling towards me.. how am I supposed to know that a handsome person and the sweetest guy 'ada hati' at me.. ye la.. if you guys know me, surely you guys would be surprise to see the both of us being together.. he's the sweet boy next door time, while me kinda notorious type of girl.. (read: ye, even my bestest boyfriend also told be that.. ye edd, you are the one)

that same sunday, we declared ourselves lovers.. that day is the best day of my life.. and it still is.. so, that sunday eve (read: sunday 20/11) we went to jusco tmn u to have our dinner.. I bought him cake and we cut it at a rest.. alamak, totally forgotten the rest name.. hehe.. later, he sent me back to the bus station and I head back to parit buntar.. that's how one of the most beautiful weekend ended.. a yaer later, we got married and now blessed with aiman.. alhamdulillah. to papa:

Happy Birthday to you

May Allah bless you always

I will always love you


*yeay for myself.. i manage to get 7.5 for my IELTS.. tapi kalah bet dengan timbalan dekan.. dia cabar dapat 8.0 sebab dia pun dapat 7.5 je.. hohoho.. I should reward myself la.. hehehee ni yang nak jadi jahat sikit nih.. kakakaka

*yeay for us - we bought something to brighten up our house.. aiman's very excited since last night.. hehehe

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