Khamis, 8 Mei 2008

get together

last week was a very long weekend for the three of us. we went back to kl on wednesday eve as thursday was public holiday.. on thursday, it was a quite special day as papa take mama on a date (it's been a while we didnt get to go on a date).. papa belanja mama dekat victoria station taipan usj.. huhu.. we had quite a nice dinner eventhough the food wasnt what we expect it to be.. assuming that food should at least be the same standard as tgi's or chillis, we were quite dissapointed with it. papa had sirloin's steak while mama had lamb cutlet.. mine was quite ok but papa's was not so good. he said that it wasnt worth.. nevermind la papa.. as long as you belanja me it's fair enough. before we had our dinner, we planned to go for window shopping at sunway pyramid. the rebranded themselves and give a midas touch to every floor. but sincerely, for me n hubby, we wasnt fancied enough with it. the shops is scattered even finding a restaurant became quite difficult for us. huhu.. band terus! akakakkaa later that night we went to uptown damansara to satisfy my cuppacakes crave at wondermilk.. tutup la plak! huhu..

on friday morning, we went to hukm for aiman's doc visit.. i'll tell the story later.. in the afternoon, we had a quick lunch at emak's house. papa bought a regular pizza from manhattan pizza (near carreforu w.maju.. pizza dia pelik sebab buh cili padi.. hehe) and a plate of bolognese.. boleh tahan aa.. petang after friday prayer, i paid my visit to my dentist and later went to imbi plaza. papa needed to fix his external hard disc.. dah x boleh selamat dah pun.. hehe.. then, we tried again to go to wondermilk.. again tutup! cis.. tensen makcik.. so we decided to go to the curve.. where we bought cupcakes and my new hobby.. i'll tell you tomorrow lah!

the next day, i went back to my father's house.. fix lunch.. which was sup tulang n nasik putih.. nyum2.. later that eve, two of my fav aunts came to abah's house for a get together.. i wished ude was in kl.. rindu sangat.. we had a good dinner.. we had nasik n sup tulang for dinner and i did caramel pudding for dessert and served cupcakes too!!.. we got a dozen of cupcakes from cupcakes chic.. ermm.. sedap.. kedai dia dekat the curve ye.. we had a good chat and laughed at each other's jokes.. especially bila tengok keletah aiman dengan ahmad (ahmad is aiman's youngest uncle who recently turned 1) we did watch AIM for a while.. but it was quite boring.. entah artis mana2 tah yang menang.. nyampah!! nasib baik anuar zain hensem.. kalo idak.. keh keh keh..

on sunday afternoon me, papa, aiman, tok ayah n wancu went to klcc in the afternoon.. i manage to get few books from kinokuniya for myself n aiman and we had dinner at dome.. wancu belanja.. yeay!! sayang wancu.. sedap sangat dinner malam tu..
on monday afternoon we drove back to parit buntar to face another week of hectic and work.. huhu.. how i miss everybody..

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aishah zaharin berkata...

aik mas.. dah mula dating duorang nih.. nak tambah2 dah ke?????? hehehehhhehehe

mast@work berkata...

uuuu.. hehehe.. lama dah x kuar berdua.. rindu la, kak aishah.. tambahan belum dapat dipastikan lagi.. akakaka