Selasa, 21 Julai 2009

getting what I want!!!

Today, I managed to finish all necessary documentation that need to be submitted to KPT for my scholarship. However, I found it was very difficult to get some attention from the officers related. In the first place, I thought, I can send the form anytime since there was no due date. But, after managed to get in touch with an officer (after 6 tries of long wait of ringing) at KPT, it seems that to get into the next upcoming meeting, my documents should reach their office by 8 august!! And that’s in two weeks time!! I don’t want to waste anymore time since I do not know when the next meeting would be after august. So, I tried to persuade the HR clerk at my office to fasten the procedure and ask the main campus HR officer when the due date to catch up with the next meeting.

And I had been given the lousiest answer that I thought was irresponsible for her to give to me that particular reason. “owh, all documents should reach the main campus by 20th every month so they can process it before the upcoming meeting” wtf!!! Why in the first place you didn’t mention to me that I should complete all documents beforehand?? It’s 21st July today!! Doesn’t it occur to you that once I surpass the date, I have to wait for another month (at least) to get into the meeting?? Doesn’t it occur to you that this is about my future!! Heck!! I almost burst my anger in the common office.. Thank goodness that being pregnant, I need to be more/extra patient.

I am totally not satisfied with her answer that I straight away call the relevant officer at main campus.. and that’s another whole story. After 3 hours of trying through the phone, I managed to talk to her.. I believe today is my lucky day!! She said that she already told few staff that all documents should reach her by this Friday (and I still wonder why on earth does my HR clerk doesn’t know anything about this whatsoever) and I managed to tell her that I myself will personally send my document to her (and there’s another problem with the mailing system – to get a mail from main camp to eng camp, it might take a week to reach!!) hopefully all things will go well after this.. I have done my part, and it’s time to tawakkal and doa everyday until I received the results – and sure I need to wait until after raya.. huhuhu.. it was really sad to think that this is the way of govt staff attending a situation.. and I am part of it!! Damn!!!

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