Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

la la la kerja lah

Pheww.. I had pretty good weekend.. started with autocad class on saturday morning (thank goodness it was my friend's turn to lecture) skipped the class and get my hair done.. weeewooo.. it was my first time doing rebonding.. hahahha.. I always thought rebonding was only for wavy/ curly hair.. after experiencing it myself.. owh I wish I had done it way long ago.. my hair becomes softer.. not to mention easier to manage..

later in the afternoon, managed to get quick shopping done at jusco seberang perai city... bought aiman's necessities and also new pants and undies for me.. hehehe.. the pants cost quite cheap yet very comfy.. minus the voucher I got from jusco, I only needed to pay RM9.. hahaha.. quite a bargain huh? we had dinner at black canyon coffee (again??) and managed to go out from jusco by 8.40pm.. sadly, jusco didn't support the earth hour!! even all tenants except nando's didn't participate (nando's was very nice.. they used candles instead of lights.. clap clap clap) while on our way back home.. I would sadly confessed that most of people here doesn't even care to switch off the lights.. but, I would like to congratulate Uitm and USM (owh, how I love my workplace) for co-operating and helping the earth preserving energy by joining the earth hour..

sunday was a very laid-back day.. did laundry (3 cycles) and manage to cook lunch for the family.. whatever that I planned to cook doesn't happen.. hahaha.. instead I cooked fried mix vege, spicy malbari beef and asam pedas.. hehehe.. and also not to forget cendol as our dessert.. afternoon tea we had cucur jagung and happily watch tv until night comes..


I started this morning quite early.. sent aiman to daycare exactly at 8am.. then went straight to the office.. plan to finish reading few thesis today.. and plan to bring aiman for his 18months' jab at the clinic.. hopefully everything will go smoothly.. hope aiman will not get fever from that jab or else tomorrow will be disastrous.. god forbid!

so, have a very nice day everyone!

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