Selasa, 3 Mac 2009

Bad decisions

I woke up this morning thinking that today will be a very fruitful day.. Hoping that something good will happen (maybe I'll get some new ideas on my study).. Since yesterday was quite horrendous with flight delayed, aiman's tantrum in the airport and also me myself having cough and tiredness since the past few days..

Alhamdulillah, I managed to arrive safely in KL.. and thank goodness there's babah, makcik and nana waiting for me and help me with aiman.. I was kept repeating to myself, "I am not a good mother". Why? I know I don't carry aiman all time like normal mom.. If one knows aiman and me well enough, surely one would understand why. Aiman is a very cheerful and playful (read: non-stop action) So yesterday was very challenging for me.. Until today I still have some muscle-pain on my arms.. almost the same pain after a good work-out in the gym (read: weight lifting 11kg non-stop action boy is not easy, man!!) Actually I have been thinking lately of introducing Aiman with baby wearing.. It was ages since the last time I carry him using sling (which actually very-very helpful during my confinement) What do you think? Does this one look cute? Do you think Aiman will co-operate.. Currently I am using a simple harness on him.. But imagine everyone looking at you weirdly (there was even a remark from a boy saying“Ayah, kenapa dia kena ikat macam anjing?” and the father reply “Syhhh”.. STUPID fella.. you should explain why we need to use harness.. Especially if we can’t control our child.. rather than crying out wolf when something bad happen, this is my way of taking precautious steps..)

This one looks cute on me, right??
Aiman with his harness.. eagerly looking for planes and trucks

Maybe it wasn’t a very familiar scene watching a woman using harness.. especially outside KL.. hmmm..

Ooooohhh, I am wayyyyyyy out of my main topic.. Back to today’s story.. So, I woke up quite early and noticed that Aiman has a little bit of fever.. Maybe due to long journey back to KL and of course he slept late playing with tok and tok ayah.. and me slept very early after taking 2 actifast pills after dinner.. Hmm.. I thought he’ll be okay with tok ayah and tok since tok ayah insisted he wanted to send aiman to nenek’s (my MIL).. So I went out from tok ayah’s house in BTR around 7.45am.. Taking wancu nana’s ride (thank you sis… love ya) I plan to arrive hotel around 8.30am.. BUT, I ARRIVE 9.10am!!!!! aiyayayayya.. the traffic was sooooo baddddddd that I kept saying that THANK GOODNESS I LIVE IN PARIT BUNTAR or else I will turn into monster every morning ‘menyumpah seranah’ others.. (which I know is not good.. huhu)

So, then I registered myself for the conference.. MALU BOSAR beb!! Since it was co-organize by USM with JICA and AUN/Seednet (please google these.. I don’t want to explain detail..) I entered the ballroom from the front door (what kind of ballroom that doesn’t have backdoor?) and everyone (read: My DEAN, EITD BOSS – which he’s the one who knows every research in our campus, and of course COLLEAGUES) looked at me.. aiaiiaiaiaiaiaaiiaai.. malunyeeeeeee..

To make things worst, the have the most low-ya internet connection ever!!! I didn’t bring my own broadband.. hmm.. and I became quite angry with how the receptionist handling the situation when I asked her how do I get to use their internet.. she answered, “Well miss, they never inform us anything about internet.. You should ask the person in-charge with the ballroom” and she didn’t even bothered to help me find who he was!! Cam ape jeeee.. eeeeee

Last but not least, I was almost bored to death attending this conference.. HOHOHO.. the topics was out of my scope.. not to mention, I sat behind while reading other things.. So that I won’t fall asleep while presenter’s talking.. Since it was a free conference, I brave myself to stay until 4pm before I took off to come home to Aiman..

So, another day gone and tomorrow’s will be the last day.. hope I’ll survive… In case I got fed-up by tomorrow afternoon, you’ll find me at KLCC for my retail therapy.. hahahaha..

To those who patiently waiting for their munawwarah, no problem babes.. I’ll make sure I’ll make time for that.. HAHAHHAHA.. mrs noba, care to join me??

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